Taco Bell Gets Rid of Kids Meals -- Here's Our Top 10 Kids Meals to Get Elsewhere

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Tater tots are the perfect side to a grilled cheese sandwich at Sonic.

6. Sonic

Two words: tater tots. Oh and here's two more: grilled cheese. Those two items made up my Sonic lunch or dinner as a kid, along with a soda or a blue coconut slush if I was lucky. While today I go to Sonic for half-price sodas and the occasional Mozzarella cheese sticks, my go-to kids meal many years ago was a grilled cheese with a side of tater tots. My food cravings were plain, but the crispy, golden and toasted bread with melted American cheese was all I needed.

5. Subway

Because there needs to be at least one healthy option on this list, Subway is a great place for kids to get the classic lunchbox. They can have either a small sandwich with ham, turkey, roast beef or veggies, and a side of either apple slices, chips, yogurt or a cookie, all with a bottle of milk. The Fresh Fit For Kids meal is tasty and just what every kid needs to stay healthy.

4. Boston Market

There will always be a special place in my heart for Boston Market. Growing up, I always wanted to go there for lunch or dinner, mainly for the cornbread and mac 'n' cheese or those sweet, warm cinnamon apples. Boston Market is perfect for your kids to get a home-cooked meal if you're in a hurry or just run out of time. I have wonderful and delicious memories of getting Boston Market chicken, green beans and cornbread before ballet or soccer practice. Thankfully this place hasn't stopped offering kids meals.

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panda express has a great kids meal too! 

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Yeesh, how old are you?  Boston Market didn't even open until 1986 and unless you were living up north it didn't even get to Houston until the mid 90's.

MadMac topcommenter

Fun stuff. I still get the Just-a-Burger or Whopper Junior, primarily b/c it's the only way to get a reasonably priced meal and avoid the 55-gallon vat o' soda.


I've started branching out from the fast food kid's meal to restaurant kid's meals during my lunch hour.  CPK has a nice kid menu.  For about $5.50 you can get a pasta dish or a pizza and a drink.  At PF Chang's, some lo mein or fried rice for about $5 also with a drink.  Yia Yia Mary's has some corn dogs or a chicken gyro and fries for $5.  Cheap and a nice amount of food.  


@FattyFatBastard Hasnt anyone told you yet that The Press is for and by the kids? If you want to see a bunch of Olds wiriting and commenting, head on over to chron.com

Bruce_Are topcommenter


Dude, the mid 90s was 20 years ago. So Molly is probably in her mid 20s. Well above the legal limit, if that's what you're concerned about.

gossamersixteen topcommenter

@AwesomeMargie Good suggestions but CPK is garbage, sadly their frozen pizzas at the grocery store are better. Can't believe people actually like that nastiness (salads aside).

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

@Nate Looks like the Pokemon generation has got another internet badass.  Time for teletubby bye bye.


@FattyFatBastard Haha.  That's rich.  Pot meet kettle, son.  I am 38, how old are you?

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