Smoker Not Working? How to Cook a Brisket in the Oven. And Save the Day

Photo by Jeff Balke
And you don't even have to go outside to achieve this.
Okay, we know that for many of you today, July 4, is your one-shot patriotic party day and that a lot of you think you have to like to cook brisket.

But maybe this is the first time you've hauled out that smoker in say weeks, months, years. And gasp -- it's not working. Or you forgot to get the wood chips and soak them. Or the smoker is drawing too much power and you blew a fuse.

You've still got some time before all those people arrive later (well, we hope several hours later) today to salute the 4th.

Turn to Jeff Balke's time-honored recipe for how to cook brisket in the oven.

And pop a can of beer and relax. Maybe give that old smoker a little kick as well. Enjoy the day. Hey and now you've got more time to make that apple or cherry pie you get to once a year as well.

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Matthew Hall
Matthew Hall

This seems to work for Dickies Barbecue Pit.

texmex01 topcommenter

You can put a brisket in the oven, after its been on the smoker for at least 5 hrs....

Amy McMullen
Amy McMullen

I cook my brisket that way all the time and brown it under the broiler. It turns out Great! The bark is to die for! Melts in your mouth!

Jacob Bocanegra
Jacob Bocanegra

u can get ur ass kicked in certain part of Texas for trying that.

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