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Photo by Lars Plougmann. Janky crown from me.
While we anxiously await the birth of the British royal baby (I almost feel like Royal Baby should be capitalized 'cause it's that big of a deal), I wanted to take a second to let all of the other new babies out there know that we're thinking about you, too. People seem abnormally concerned with issues like what the baby will wear and what the baby will eat. It's not fair that this one kid gets all the attention.

So for you, my infant readers, I have compiled some baby food recipes inspired by British cuisine. Now you, too, can eat like a royal baby.

Note: I have no children, and as such none of these recipes have been tested on actual wee humans. My cat liked them, though.

Photo by Tamsin Slater
You could follow the recipe below, or just do this.
Mushy Peas
Mushy British peas are kind of a big deal in the culinary world, as evidenced by an epic fight about pea puree on a recent season of Top Chef. To make them, you'll need dried marrowfat peas, which are usually available in bulk dry food sections of grocery stores. You could also just use frozen peas and call it a day.

10 oz pkg frozen peas or 8 oz dried marrowfat peas
¼ cup beef, chicken or vegetable broth
1 tbs butter
salt and pepper to taste

Boil frozen peas for a few minutes until warm and mushy, or cook marrowfat peas according to directions on package (usually involves simmering overnight). Drain peas and place all ingredients in food processor. Blend know, blended. Season to taste. Place crown on baby's head and feed.

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As a devout Anglophile and a (second-time) father-to-be (there is a line of paparazzi camped outside our house, as well), this post had me falling out of my chair (literally).

You had me at "India was a colony for a long-ass time"... well, actually you had me at the can of mushy peas... Great to read you, Kaitlin! :) 

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