Kolache Factory Fights for Dwight Howard: A Lifetime Supply of Kolaches

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Screenshot from Kolache Factory Twitter
The sweetest deal: free kolaches for Dwight and free kolaches for Houstonians on July 15.
While Dallas tries to win over Dwight Howard with chicken fingers from Raising Cane's, Houston has upped the ante and offered him something he can't get anywhere else, except from the city of Houston. Thanks to Sean Pendergast's calling on the Houston community to give Howard a tasty counter offer, Kolache Factory stepped up to make the big offer.

During the afternoon on Monday, July 1, Kolache Factory offered Howard free kolaches for life if he signs with the Rockets. Houstonians are also included in this offer. On July 15, all Houstonians will receive a free kolache as well. It's definitely a win-win situation for the city.

Kolache Factory's retail marketing director, Andrew Eller, says this offer trumps chicken fingers because you can get chicken fingers anywhere; kolaches are a Houston thing.

"My opinion is that Houston's food culture is richer than any other city in the country," Eller says. "We are offering him something no other city can."

Kolache Factory has been based in Houston for the last 30 years and has made the kolache a food we all recognize in Houston.

"You grow up in Houston and kolaches are a household name," Eller says. "If you go to the East or West, they will think it is a funny name."

Photo courtesy of socialwoodlands
Kolache Factory is a household name in Houston.

While outside-of-Houston residents might think "kolache" is a funny name, we in Houston think it's a tasty, unique deal-maker. Eller says that of course the decision to sign with the Rockets will come down to contract details, but Houston wants to offer him something he can't get anywhere else. How could anyone turn down a lifetime supply of these sweet, delectable, on-the-go meals filled with just about anything you can imagine? Take that, Raising Cane's.

But, if the deal comes down to which food offer is the best, Eller believes Kolache Factory's wins by a landslide.

"I think if he was to base his decision on an eatery, we are the best one out there," Eller says.

Eller hasn't heard a response or reaction from Howard, but the Houston community has expressed its support and excitement for this offer.

"We have had so many retweets and comments on Facebook about it," Eller says. "The reaction has been surprisingly strong."

One Twitter commenter says,

Screenshot from Kolache Factory Twitter

Take that, Dallas. We've got something you can only get in Houston. And our residents get to participate in the fun, too.

Kolache Factory will post more details about the July 15 free kolache offer on its Facebook page.

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