Handicapping Houston Restaurant Weeks 2013: Your Guide to the Best Meals and Deals

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It's that time of year again, so loosen those belts and start practicing your overeating skills...Houston Restaurant Weeks is back!

We've already counted more than 150 participating restaurants, and more are being added up until July 31. With so many places to choose from and so little time (OK, it's a month, but still) HRW can be difficult to navigate. That's why we've created this handy guide to help you choose where to go and what to eat.

Want some killer southern food? Not sure where to go for live music? Aching for some surf and turf? Looking for four courses for the price of three? We got you covered.

According to the HRW site, here's how it's all gonna go down:

  • Two-to-three-course lunch menus are $20; $3 of that goes to your area food bank

  • Two-to-three-course brunch menus are $20; $3 of that goes to your area food bank

  • Three-to-four-course brunch menus are $35; $5 of that goes to your area food bank

  • Some three-to-four-course dinner menus are $35; $5 of that goes to your area food bank

  • Some three-to-four-course dinner menus are $45; $7 of that goes to your area food bank

You can also donate an additional $10 by texting "HRW" to 20222

This year's HRW runs from August 1 through September 2, and participating restaurants will be offering Restaurant Weeks deals for specific meals any day they are open during this time.

Photo by Troy Fields
Sorrel is offering a special bunch for HRW.
Brunch Babes
These five restaurants offer special brunch menus, so bring your friends and spend a lazy afternoon eating for charity.

Brooklyn Athletic Club
Etoile Cuisine et Bar
RDG + Bar Annie
Sorrel Urban Bistro
The Tasting Room

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Matthew Noon Aya
Matthew Noon Aya

Restaurant weeker's please tip like you've been to a nice restaurant when taking advantage of these great deals.


I've had really good luck with HRWs in the past few years.  I haven't experienced bad service, but the portions do tend to be on the smaller side.  That being said, I feel that I've received good value for my money, and I tend to order drinks, so the server knows they will be tipped OK.  The only less than optimal experience was going at the very end of HRW a couple/few years ago when the event was extended last minute.

HRW allows people like me to try some highlight dishes from restaurants that we wouldn't normally dine at without breaking the bank.  I've had some big hits (Feast will be missed), and I've had some misses during HRW.  Overall I think it is good for the restaurants, diners, the food back, and even the servers.  Filling seats means more tips, even if the average bill is lower.  Everyone wins.


We had a great time last year.  We'll have a great time this year, as well.


I feel sadness that all these restaurants feel the August  pinch so badly that participation in this gimmicky event feels obligatory, more a marketing and sales decision. If you're truly a charity minded restaurant do your own event quarterly and donate to whomever you like.

Jason Maxie
Jason Maxie

I've been waiting all year for this to come around..


HRWs = smaller portions & resentful servers. I suggest you just order a regular meal and make a donation directly to the food bank instead.


Looks like HRW accounted for 12% of the HFB's cash donations in 2012.  That's a lot of people fed.  And the prix fixe is friendly to the wallet.

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