Crave's Gone Healthy: Gluten-Free, Vegan & Sugar-Free Cupcakes

Photos by Molly Dunn
Vegan red velvet cupcakes are one of the newest additions to Crave's cupcake flavor lineup.
If there's any dessert in the world that can bring a smile to someone's face, it is a cupcake. Unfortunately a lot of people can't eat certain sweet treats for various reasons, whether they are watching their sugar intake, are on a vegan diet or are gluten intolerant.

Crave has added several cupcakes using alternate ingredients. We got to try some of their new flavors last week. These alternate cupcakes are also available at no extra charge every day of the week at both Houston locations.

We absolutely loved the gluten free cupcake.
Out of the three healthier cupcakes, the gluten-free was the fan favorite. Crave has created a dark chocolate gluten free cake with a dark chocolate butter cream frosting topped with chocolate sprinkles, and one with a vanilla bean frosting with chocolate sprinkles. Both of these flavors are also available as Crave Minis.

Surprisingly (given our newsroom), the vegan cupcakes were well-received as well. Crave has made a vegan red velvet cupcake made with traditional Texas red cocoa cake with a non-dairy cream cheese frosting. The cake is made with vegetable oil instead of dairy and eggs, and the frosting is made from soy-based tofu cream cheese. You can taste the alternative ingredients, but it's definitely not a turn-off. Crave has done an excellent job creating the same tasty red velvet cake without dairy and eggs.

The sugar free cupcakes are great for those watching how much sugar they eat.

The sugar-free cupcakes are the regular vanilla cake with chocolate frosting, both sweetened with sugar substitute. For a sugar-free cupcake, it's not half bad.

Whether you want to lower your sugar-intake, follow your vegan diet or stay away from gluten, Crave wants you to know that now, you can have your cake and eat it too.

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Crave Cupcakes

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Mai Pham
Mai Pham topcommenter

What kind of flour do they use for the gluten free?

Andria S Ward
Andria S Ward

Had the gf ones for my birthday this year... Have definitely had worse cupcakes. Wish the moisture and fluffiness could be more abundant, but overall ... Pretty good :)

Josh Webster
Josh Webster

Someone once gave me a vegan, sugar-free cupcake it was the only cupcake I ever resented being given. Gross.

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