Chef Hugo Ortega Crashes Bike, Undergoes Surgery Today

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Photo by Daniel Kramer
We wish the best for chef Hugo during his surgery and recovery.
Chef Hugo Ortega of Hugo's and Backstreet Cafe was injured in a bicycle accident the morning of Thursday, July 11, in which he broke two ribs and his clavicle.

Paula Murphy announced in a press release this morning that the popular chef is having surgery on his shoulder today. We wish him a speedy recovery. Hopefully this accident doesn't keep him out of the kitchen (or off of his bike) for too long. Ortega has been doling out delicious dishes from both of his restaurants over the past several years; the Houston community definitely wishes him the best during this time.

After an announcement on Hugo's Facebook page this morning, fans and supporters showed their love and gave their best wishes for the chef during this difficult time.

Screenshot from Hugo's Facebook
The Houston community shows their love and support for chef Hugo on Facebook.

The Umami dinner on Sunday, July 14, where Ortega and chef Hori of Kata Robata were to join forces and create a spectacular menu featuring exotic and daring ingredients, will be postponed to a later date, depending on Ortega's recovery process.

If you had tickets to this sold-out dinner, you can reserve your spot in the rescheduled event or have your deposit refunded.

Chef Hugo, you are in our thoughts and we wish you the best during your surgery and recovery.

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Shanna Longino Butler
Shanna Longino Butler

I hate to hear that, his sister works with my husband @ Central Market & his food is amazing!!

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