100 Favorite Dishes 2013: No. 100, Bangkok Fries at Boheme

Photo by Kaitlin Steinberg
And the light of heaven shown down upon the fries, and it was good.
Every year, leading up to our annual Best of Houston issue, we count down our 100 favorite dishes. It's a list of 100 of the most awesome, most creative and, of course, most delicious dishes in Houston. It's a list of our personal favorites, dishes we think any visitor or native to Houston ought to try at least once and dishes that seem particularly indicative of the ever-changing Houston food-scape. It's a list to drool over. Enjoy!

I'll just come out and say it: I'm a sucker for french fries. Having grown up in Corpus Christi, I'm particularly attached to Whataburger's thin, overly salted, sometimes perfectly crispy fries. I admit, they're hit or miss at most fast food joints, but some restaurants have also perfected the shoestring fry and added some more...shall we say...upscale ingredients to elevate your basic fried potato.

While Dishcrawling last week, I was introduced to Boheme Cafe & Wine Bar's Bangkok Fries, and I can now safely say I'm addicted. Boheme has taken the bar food concept and brought to it a new level of refinement and attention to flavor. The food is a tribute to the intersection of culture in Houston, and paired with a blood orange margarita or the signature Bohemian (rum, jasmine liqueur, lemon juice and agave nectar), it's the perfect way to end a day antiquing and people watching in Montrose.

Boheme offers two fry variations, but the Bangkok is the more exciting option. Crispy shoestring fries are topped with sweet, crunchy charbroiled pork, a bit of vinegary hoisin sauce, homemade yellow curry mayo, cilantro and crushed sesame rods. Oh, and sriracha. Lots of sriracha.

You get something slightly different with every bite: A jolt of spicy sriracha here, caramel-y pork there, acidic vinegar. The fries are substantial enough to hold up under the weight of the toppings, but not so thick that you get a mouthful of mostly potato. I recommend asking for a side of sriracha and hoisin and dipping the fries for even more heat.

One serving of fries can probably feed two people, but if you can't finish them all, don't worry. Just take them home. Seriously. I know fries don't often keep well, but I snagged a to-go box for some of these babies after the Dishcrawl, and they were just as good (if a little cold) the next day.

So, I'm sorry Whataburger with your inconsistent fries and spicy ketchup. I've found a new friend, and its name is Bangkok.

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Boheme Cafe & Wine Bar

307 Fairview, Houston, TX

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not a die hard fan of whatburger fries or anything but a little unfair to compare them to this dish no?

KaitlinS topcommenter

Eating my way through Houston is EXACTLY what I'm doing! Yes, I'm a new reviewer of the Houston food scene, but so were Robb Walsh and Katharine Shilcutt when they first started. Obviously, my list will not be the be-all and end-all of the culinary scene; it's just what I like. If you have a suggestion that you think I might enjoy, I'd love to hear it. And if something I write about isn't to your liking, don't eat it. I take this list seriously but I also approach it from the premise that eating should be fun.


Looking forward to your list - if you are a food writer I'm sure you've had or will have 100 dishes. Good article!


YES, if you love vomiting, stomach cramps, and diarrhea for days then this dish should be #1 super fun dish of all time. At least that's what three of our party walked away with last Friday night. Thanks!!


LOL you guys!!!  The list has always been compiled over several months. I'm sure she's making this list as she goes (or eats) along. I don't even think Katherine compiled a whole list from memory.



Can you explain how the "100 dishes" list is being put together this year? Surely you have not been in town long enough to comprise a top 100 list by yourself! Is the list a combination of all the EOW writers' opinions?

Bruce_Are topcommenter

Kaitlin, if you still have room on your list (I'm sure you do) then consider the Fish on Fire at Mannie's Seafood.  It's on 45 near Hobby.  It's grilled fish with a nice bowl of a spicy sauce on the side.  The sauce has shrimp, onions, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, etc.  It rocks.  Costs $11.95.

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Sounds like they copied the recipe from Oh my bulgogi.  Also, have you even had 100 food items in this city?

And you may want to rewrite "native to Houston" as "Houstonian." 


@KaitlinS I'm really enjoying your writing and contribution so far (and I was a big Katherine fan - still am) and applaud your outlook.  My suggestion: "jar jar duck" at Uchiko.   It's a revelation.  Bon Appetit!


I know she hasn't been here long enough, that's why I was curious as to how they're forming the list this year.

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