Where's All the Whiskey? 10,000 Bottles of Chicken Cock Whiskey Bound for Texas Stolen

Photo courtesy of Chicken Cock Whiskey
Help Chicken Cock Whiskey find all of the stolen bottles.
Anyone who is a fan of Chicken Cock Whiskey will be pretty disappointed to find out that more than 10,000 bottles of the product were stolen off of an 18-wheel tractor-trailer at a truck stop in Florence, South Carolina, as it was headed from that state to Glazer's in San Antonio last weekend.

Matti Anttila, owner and president of Chicken Cock Whiskey, is calling on the public to assist in this investigation. Whoever provides information leading to the return of the stolen trailer of Chicken Cock Whiskey will receive a $10,000 reward. They are pretty serious about getting their whiskey back.

"It's a big order and so we would like to get it back, and we thought this would hopefully help in creating awareness," Anttila says.

This was a big order of whiskey indeed. Jack Glasure, marketing strategist of Ignition Branding, says the whiskey has been valued at approximately $1.5-$2 million.

Anttila and Chicken Cock Whiskey want to bring as much attention to the situation as possible to figure out who took the liquor. While the Florence County sheriff's department and the insurance company with Chicken Cock Whiskey are investigating the apparent heist, Anttila wants to add a third element to the investigation by calling on the public for assistance.

"We are looking for the most efficient manner in supporting the investigation to get our whiskey back," Glasure says.

It is no small irony that this particular whiskey was stolen because during Prohibition, Chicken Cock Whiskey was smuggled across the border from Canada; it was one of the most popular whiskeys during that time.

After its resurrection last month, it seems that the demand and need for the whiskey has not diminished.

"That shipment was destined for Texas and what we have to do at the distillery is to move things around on the production side," Anttila says. "We are getting a new shipment out to Texas as soon as possible. We have gotten a lot of demands from the Texas market."

Listen up, Houstonians. If you want Chicken Cock Whiskey, help them out and keep your eyes peeled for a huge amount of the stuff. It can't be that hard to miss.

"That's a lot of whiskey for them to move," Anttila says. "I would think given the amount, it is hard to move; that will raise some eyebrows."

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Ok, I definitely don't agree to stealing, especially when you have plenty of options out there (whiskey from countless brands, at various prices, made for each pocket, or the homemade option, which only requires an investment into a whiskey still and ingredients). But, I still have to wonder: how come they stole this whiskey? I can deal with the name (thou, I admit, it's a bit strange and I'm not sure how I would react if somebody would ask me to drink it), but I definitely cannot deal with the bottle (sorry, guys!)


Why do I feel Bobby Heugel is the culprit here?

Melissa Reyna
Melissa Reyna

I don't think I'd want to drink anything named Chicken Cock, even it it is whiskey!? They can keep it! lol

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