Top 5 Restaurants Near Minute Maid Park & BBVA Compass Stadium

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Don't settle for stadium or ballpark food. Eat at one of these five places before and after any baseball or soccer game.
Sometimes you just don't want to eat ballpark or stadium food when attending a sporting event, and I don't blame you for not wanting to eat a mediocre hot dog piled with chili that will just make your heart burn by the middle of the game.

BBVA Compass Stadium and Minute Maid Park are quite close to one another, so I have created a Top 5 list of places to eat before either game. For any of these places, you can most certainly park your car in the lot at the stadium, then walk to the restaurant.

Here are five places you should catch a bite to eat before and after any game at Minute Maid Park or BBVA Compass Stadium when cheering on your Houston teams.

5. Irma's Southwest Grill

You definitely can't pass up Irma's Southwest Grill on game day for either the Astros or the Dynamo. It's super close to Minute Maid and it's not terribly far from BBVA Compass Stadium; not to mention it's open three hours before every Astros game for a Home Game Meal. Fill up on classic Mexican dishes such as fajitas, shrimp tacos, homemade pork tamales and Larry's Special, one cheese enchilada, one chicken enchilada and one beef enchilada covered in a chile ancho sauce. Wash it all down with Irma's famous fresh-fruit bottomless lemonade and you're ready to suit up with your team.

Mr. Hermit
If you drink all 200 beers on tap, you can get your name on a saucer to be put on the wall at The Flying Saucer.
4. The Lake House Waterside Cafe

If you're looking for a quick and casual bite, head over to The Lake House at Discovery Green for burgers, hot dogs, chicken and French fries. It's only three blocks away from Minute Maid Park and just on the other side of Highway 59 from BBVA Compass Stadium.

3. The Flying Saucer

The Flying Saucer is a little bit further away from Minute Maid Park, but it's definitely a great place to grab a beer and a bite to eat before any game. Enjoy one of its many craft and specialty beers, and share a few appetizers such as the nachos grande with refried beans, cheddar cheese, jalapeños, tomatoes and chicken, or the potato tots filled with cheese and dipped in a habanero sour cream dip. You can also order hot wings, sandwiches or pizza to fill you up before you head on over to the game, whether at BBVA Compass Stadium or Minute Maid Park.

Location Info


BBVA Compass Stadium

2200 Texas Ave., Houston, TX

Category: General

Minute Maid Park

501 Crawford, Houston, TX

Category: General

Irma's Southwest Grill

1314 Texas St., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

The Lake House Waterside Cafe

1600 McKinney, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Flying Saucer Draught Emporium

705 Main, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Hubcap Grill

1111 Prairie St., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant


1001 Austin St., Houston, TX

Category: Music

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Irma's is a rip-off.

timblack2 topcommenter

No Cafe TH? No Huynh? Really? You left those two off but put up Flying Saucer?? I mean yea, great beer selection but wholly unremarkable pub food.

Amy Trevino
Amy Trevino

Ummm.. Lakehouse over The Grove?! You have got to be kidding me...

Greg Barker
Greg Barker

*better headline: "Top 3 Sports Venues To Catch a Game of Some Sort Near Moon Tower Inn"


Or you can just pick up food from anywhere, put it in a ziploc bag and bring it in.


It is an abomination than Goro & Gun is not on this list. That place is awesome!

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Lucky's Pub has shockingly good pizza, and it is much closer to BBVA than most of these options. 


Irma's SW versus the original?  Come on...

And, as previously mentioned, Hubcap is lunch only - closes at 3pm...


Hubcap is a lunch only joint and is closed Sundays (when the Astros play day games).  The food at Flying Saucer is gross. 

Better options:  Vic & Anthony's or the Vietnamese spots on St. Emanuel.


@Sam Samson  Yes...indeed. Moon Tower is solid

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