Top 5 Candy Bars Better Eaten Frozen Than at Room Temperature

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If Mr. T knew what I knew, he'd eat his Snickers frozen.

The heat has managed to squelch my appetite, yet I still hunger for chocolate. Go figure. Usually, I would bake up a batch of brownies to satisfy my craving, but lately I can't bear to turn on the oven. A candy bar is an easy, cheap and even cooling way to appease my sweet tooth, especially if I stick it in the freezer first. Here are five candy "bars" I actually prefer to eat frozen.

5. Snickers. At room temperature, Snickers definitely satisfy, but the individual components tend to blend together into one uniform sugary taste. A few degrees cooler, the nuts are crunchier and saltier, the chocolate sharper in cocoa flavor, and the caramel more buttery than syrupy.

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Always better chilled

4. Peanut Butter Cups. Some may argue that cold temperatures mute the nutty flavor of peanut butter cups. A reasonable concern; however, the overall improvement in texture, I believe, trumps the slight change in taste. When eating a frozen PB cup, you appreciate more the hard ridges of the perimeter, the supple chocolate surfaces and the gritty nut interior. Almost makes you slow down to enjoy the experience.

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Stick in the icebox to maximize flavor and minimize mastication annoyance.

3. Charleston Chews. I'm pretty sure that if hard-pressed, most Charleston Chew fans would admit that masticating the hell out of this candy bar grows tedious and even painful after the first few bites. Frozen Charleston Chews are still chewy but more manageable, having lost their gloopy stringiness. And the nougat flavor (be it vanilla, chocolate or strawberry) is more vibrant.

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When did mint ever taste good warm?

2. Peppermint Patties. Given that most of the commercials for Peppermint Patties involve snow and ice, why would you ever think this product was designed to be eaten in a temperate climate? The wonderful cool mint effect of a peppermint patty increases exponentially if you pre-chill it. Plus, I swear, breaking apart a frozen peppermint patty actually creates a visible burst of cold air.

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That satisfying sweet crunch of hard toffee is magnified one billion if frozen.

1. Heath Bars. Warning: There is a small, small chance eating frozen Heath Bars too quickly will chip your teeth. Then again, eating them at room temperature too slowly probably increases your chance of tooth decay by allowing the sugar to linger on your molars. Therefore, the more healthful, not to mention more enjoyable, means of consuming Heath Bars is to eat them very, very cold, at which point they taste like chocolate-covered sticks of frozen butter. Or better yet, crumble them into chilly little bits and sprinkle over ice cream.

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Rose Marie DeAngelis
Rose Marie DeAngelis

Today? The temp has increased for weeks now. LOL LOL Getting worse you mean. Right, or frig is good too.

Eric Dellafave
Eric Dellafave

Where is Manny? I am sure his fat ass will be chiming in soon....


Im on board with frozen Heath Bars and Butterfingers. In fact i dont even like Butterfingers at room temperature.

conebaby topcommenter

I fucking live for frozen 3 Musketeers.

MadMac topcommenter


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