Perry's Famous Pork Chop Lunch is a Steal

Photos by Mai Pham
Look at this beauty: Perry's Famous Pork Chop, lunch portion

Every Friday, Perry's Steakhouse & Grille has an unbelievable deal on its famous pork chop. The "Famous Pork Chop Friday Lunch" comes with a lunch cut of their pork chop, whipped potatoes, and their homemade apple sauce for only $11.95.

As we reported previously, last Friday Perry's offered an even better deal at its nine locations across town. The first 100 people in line at each site paid only 79 cents for their pork chop lunch. So, of course, we were there.

This year, Perry started talking about this year's promotion -- the original debuted two years ago to tremendous success -- in mid-March. They asked fans and supporters to "like" their Facebook pages and follow them on Twitter to get the announcement. On Thursday, loyal fans got the news they were waiting for: Perry's would be running the 79-cent special on Friday, starting at 11 a.m.

100 lucky patrons at each Perry's received one of these vouchers.

Keith Garver, General Manager at Perry's Sugar Land location, says that lines started forming as early as 8:40 a.m. in front of his restaurant. At 11 a.m., the line was well beyond 100 people. Cheers and whoops went up in the crowd as the 79-cent vouchers were distributed to the lucky 100. People who didn't get the voucher stayed to eat anyway, most of them getting the Famous Pork Chop Friday Lunch.

It had been a while since I'd last eaten a Perry's Famous Pork Chop. The lunch portion is a thing of beauty, sitting at least five inches high on a cast iron plate, dripping in just-applied garlicky butter sauce. If they break it down for you, you get not just one serving of pork chop, but three: An eyelash, the juiciest, most flavorful part; the tenderloin, a huge slab of lean pork; and about three to four ribs.

I always start with the tastiest part first -- the small eyelash. When you cut into it, the outer crust is thickened and caramelized, with the dry rub and juices baked in. The first bite produces this huge flavor bomb -- sweet, smoky, and garlicky-- with a texture on the outside that's thick like the drippings left over in an oven pan when you roast something.

It takes five days to get the pork chop to taste like that, a process that involves drying, curing, and roasting in pecan wood for seven to eight hours. And the aromas that come off the plate are just heavenly.

Perry's Famous Pork Chop carved tableside

I like to eat a few bites of the pork chop by itself before dunking the pieces in the homemade applesauce that comes with it. The applesauce changes the flavor, softening it with a mild sweetness. Then, maybe I'll take a bite of whipped potatoes to add some buttery creaminess. Either way, it's so, so good.

Across its nine Texas locations, Perry's gave away 900 of lunch-sized pork chops for 79-cents this past Friday. Even if you weren't there, and couldn't get in on the deal, you should try it at least once.

Perry's will also be offering a three-course pork chop dinner for Father's Day -- any salad, Perry's Famous Pork Chop, and a dessert trio -- for $24.95, from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday, June 16.

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This pork chop is the quintessential emblem of excess for a generation that sees morbid obesity as more prevalent than cancer, and has newly minted drivers expecting Ranger Rovers to be handed to them.

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Reef's pork chop is better.  Pricier, but better.  And the two former EOW writers I took with me agreed.

Bruce_Are topcommenter


Blame it all on the pork chop.  Wait a minute, I thought McDonald's, cell phones, and video games were the problem.  And Obama.  And the NRA, the NSA, global warming, and abortion. I'm confused.

Mai Pham
Mai Pham topcommenter

@derfenster that's a heavy indictment for this poor pork chop, which is really delicious, has been around for years, and has a heavy following across generations, and has nothing to do with Range Rovers.

Mai Pham
Mai Pham topcommenter

@FattyFatBastard I have yet to taste a pork chop that even comes close.  I'd have to see it side by side to even consider it, and then there's relative value. I stand by my stance: Perry's Friday lunch pork chop's a steal. 

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

@Mai Pham That's pretty much what the other two said prior to eating this one.  Go with a friend and split it with some fries to make the meal more affordable.

Mai Pham
Mai Pham topcommenter

@FattyFatBastard also, the $11.95 special is on Fridays only. On regular days, it's $34.95, and on Sundays, they have the 3-course pork chop dinner for $24.95.

Mai Pham
Mai Pham topcommenter

@FattyFatBastard The link you sent to Reef's pork reminds me of the excellent pork chop at Liberty Kitchen by Travis Lenig, a truly delicious piece of meat:

However, just on looks alone, the two don't compare. The one at Reef is a traditional double cut pork chop (which is why I drew similarities to Lenig's version); Perry's version is a 3-in-one cut with this caramelized knock-your-socks-off crust.

I'll maybe try the Reef version one day, but that link, if anything, just reinforces my pov that Perry's pork chop is untouchable.

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