New Wendy's Flatbreads: Smoky Honey Mustard Edition

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Photos by Christina Uticone
Undaunted by the Burger King veggie and turkey burger debacle I have been perusing various fast food websites in search of a healthy treat. When I happened upon the new Wendy's Flatbread sandwiches my interest was piqued. Offered in two flavors -- Asiago Ranch and Smoky Honey Mustard -- I liked the look of the hearty, grain bread and the relatively low calorie counts (530 and 370, respectively). I had previously enjoyed the Wendy's Asiago Ranch Chicken Sandwich, so I wanted to give the Smoky Honey Mustard flatbread a whirl.

Okay, okay -- 160 fewer calories didn't hurt, either.

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My husband was along for the ride on this field trip, and he immediately started sniffing around the bag. "That smells really good," he said. Sitting quietly for a few minutes. he then asked, "So...are you going to eat the whole thing? I can help if you don't like it."

Marriage really is about selflessness.

I was immediately impressed upon unwrapping the flatbread--the bread was rich-looking, with big, visible whole grains. The vegetables were beautiful--dark green greens! Bright red tomatoes! And the chicken looked like actual freaking chicken, not the smooth, McNugget-grade processed stuff. The flavors and textures were superb--this is easily one of the finest fast food sandwiches I've ever tried. The chicken was moist, and the vegetables tasted as fresh as they looked. The multi-grain flatbread was simply wonderful, with a hearty, nutty flavor that came through even with the smoky-and-sweet honey mustard sauce.

You guys! Eat this! I'm totally serious -- you are going to love it.

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Bruce_Are topcommenter

I tried Asiago Ranch one. It was pretty good but I probably wouldn't get it again.  The Chicken Fajita Pita at JITB is a little better.

texmex01 topcommenter

looks like if you hold the sauce, you lose another 100 calories, not too bad at all....

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