Moon Tower Inn Supposedly Opening Voodoo Queen; Gift Horse Lounge Just a Ruse

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Moon Tower was just joshing, y'all.
Eight months after setting tongues wagging by announcing a new side project called the Gift Horse Lounge, the owners of Moon Tower Inn took to Facebook yesterday to let everyone know the joke's on them. There's no such thing as the Gift Horse Lounge after all.

The entire bar was apparently a ruse to distract interest from Evan Shannon and Brandon Young's real project: Voodoo Queen, which the pair promise will feature "full liquor, some shit to do, a damn fine jukebox, Third Coast cooking and a black light or two."

Of their subterfuge, Young claimed: "We like to leak false info. The Gift Horse was just that." Who knows what to believe anymore.

Photo courtesy of Voodoo Queen/Facebook
Although the Moon Tower team has yet to announce Voodoo Queen's location, there are a few clues as to where it may be opening. First is a post from Young indicating that the bar will, like Moon Tower, be located in the East End. Second is the photo above, posted to Voodoo Queen's Facebook page, which shows a window covered with metal shutters that should be easy to spot from the street.

Meanwhile, we're still waiting to hear word about Moon Tower's other proposed project: The Slice and Foam Co., which Young and Shannon said would be opening near the Gift Horse Lounge. Or maybe the pizza place was a joke, too, and we're all just a bunch of suckers.

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Kylejack topcommenter

322 Milby. I plan to buy a house in the East End some day, and one thing I feel it is missing is a bar with good cocktails, so this is good to see.


This can only lead to great things.

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