This Week in Food Blogs: The Gastronaut Has Landed

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Robb Walsh has a new book and a new gig as Houstonia's food editor.
Houstonia: With the unveiling of his first review for the newly launched Houstonia magazine, it's officially time to stop referring to Robb Walsh as "former Houston Press food critic Robb Walsh" and instead as "Houstonia food editor Robb Walsh." Read his first review of Tony's and help Walsh decide which of these statements is true: "Maybe I'm getting old," he writes. "Or maybe the old dinosaur has evolved."

Gastronaut: In addition to its monthly print component, Houstonia also has a Web presence. So far, its food blog -- Gastronaut -- is only a welcome post from Walsh and a report on Ash Bash from frequent Eating...Our Words contributor Phaedra Cook, but it's a start.

Eater Houston: Does Houston have an iconic sandwich? That's the question posted by Eater Houston editor Eric Sandler, who composed a list of 14 contenders around town. (I'm split between a banh mi and a po-boy for our hometown sandwich star.)

Citysearch: I'm a huge fan of eating at the bar -- you'll get great service and, if you're dining solo, won't feel as weird eating alone. Eating...Our Words contributor Mai Pham agrees, and has compiled a list for Citysearch of the best restaurant bars in town for just that purpose.

CultureMap: How local are the brews at new River Oaks beer bar Local Pour? Very, reports Jodie Eisenhardt at CultureMap. She also notes that in addition to stocking lots of Houston and Texas beers, Local Pour has an "old-school Chicago-vibe" that belies its youth. "Though it's newly made over," she writes, "the space feels historic."

The Guardian: Ready to throw up your arms and give up on foodies the world over? Then read this oddly straight-faced Guardian article about a "sourdough hotel" in Sweden which allows you to kennel your precious sourdough starter while you go on vacation -- for nearly $50 a week.

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Re Houstonia: What in the world happened to this great young magazine that the publisher is fired in the first month? Did he pressure Walsh into that great review of Tony's? Or was his review less than worthy? ....minds want to know....


Somewhat strange that in the groundbreaking issue of Houstonia Robb Walsh breaks the news that Alison Cook broke back in 2005 and then again in 2011: that Tony's has finally caught up with the culinary world and really does turn out some very good food. I guess the real news is the shot he fires toward the new restaurant guys who deliver a more free-form way of dining. Meet the new revolutionary, reactionary Houston dining critic?


It would be somewhat embarrassing for someone to name po-boy as our sandwich star. I'm just saying.

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