El Patio Boasts the Other Blue Margarita in Town

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Photo by Joanna O'Leary
The Other Blue Margarita
Five years ago when I first started reading about food in Houston, two menu items kept coming up again and again in online reviews, chat forums, etc. The first item was the fajitas at the Original Ninfa's on Navigation. The second was the famous blue margarita at El Patio.

I've always had a strange fascination with blue beverages, and am, of course, never one to turn down a good mixed drink, so I vowed then and there to try the blue margarita at El Patio ASAP. And maybe even have TWO of them if I was feeling quite daring. Well, I didn't run to El Patio the second I landed in Houston, but within a few days, I had sampled the famous blue margarita (just one). Yes, it was potent. Yes, it was delicious. Also, did I mention it was potent?

Well, I'm here with a perhaps blasphemous suggestion. The blue margarita at the new El Tiempo on Navigation is stronger. And "deliciouser." Which is how I described it to my husband after our terrific dinner. (Clearly the latter descriptor proves the former.)

The El Patio Margarita is a uniform electric hue: fully blended and the color of Cookie Monster's fur in HD. The El Tiempo Margarita, however, wears its blue like a silk shawl: a strip of color that hangs just around the edges of an otherwise yellow-white frozen beverage.

As the ice melts, the Blue dissipates, eventually creeping from the perimeter to the interior of the margarita. When you're half done, there's suddenly more Blue than yellow-white. You're already feeling a bit giddy (it's been a good day; maybe you're just on a natural high) and become even more delighted to see your drink changing color. The proportion of icy solids to liquid quickly decreases, which means you can slurp that Blue even faster. And you're happy to do so because the Blue is the tastiest part of the drink.

With tablespoons left in the glass, you're just about to order another when BOOM! No can do, chief. Time to focus on those lovely crab enchiladas and that big tall glass of water. You're down for the count...in the best way possible.

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Location Info

The Original Ninfa's On Navigation

2704 Navigation, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

El Tiempo Cantina

2814 Navigation Blvd., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

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ALSO.... Beer is highly estrogenic so muscle building programs need to be considerate of this negative element.


El Patio makes these things with Everclear, and I've collapsed like a tree from drinking what was my normal amount. These days, I'd rather have a Mexican martini or habanero marg at La Fisheria. And the food's miles better, to boot.

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

A friend of mine purchased a pitcher of Blue Margarita on Cinco de Mayo several years ago prior to a Rockets game 7.  He didn't make the game, but watching him drink the entire pitcher was a marvelous thing to behold.

gossamersixteen topcommenter

We had our company Christmas party at the location on Westheimer a few years back, was hilarious watching the whole company get wrecked on those potent blue margaritas.


I've had some really good drinks, including the house margarita, at Cuchara. 

Kylejack topcommenter

The Other Other is the Mr. Blue at Pico's.

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