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Photo by Troy Fields
Jean-Philippe Gaston plates his "Chicken of the Sea" dish at Cove.
Texas Monthly: "For a city that sits so near to the coast, Houston is often criticized for lacking in contemporary seafood establishments," notes Layne Lynch in Texas Monthly. To find out why, Lynch visits with Jean-Philippe Gaston of popular new raw bar Cove. "We're the fourth largest city in the nation and we're coastal," says Gaston. "The fact that there are hardly any raw bars to speak of here absolutely astounds me."

Eater Houston: Although I wasn't aware that the delicious pizzas/flatbreads at Boheme had been taken off the menu (the wild boar sausage and crab is a personal favorite), it's good to hear that they're making a comeback starting tonight. "Celebrate the return of pizzas this Wednesday starting at 7:00 p.m." reports Eater Houston editor Eric Sandler, who's a fan of the rooster sauce-laced Dutchie pizza. "Diners who buy a Dutchie will get a can of Karbach Hopadillo to help ease the Sriracha heat."

Patty & David Said: There's a new macaron spot on West Gray, and I've been as impressed with the delicate creations at Macaron by Patisse as Patty & David were. They write: "You can tell they did their research and made sure the ganache is right or the mascarpone is right."

H-Town Chow Down: This short post is a few weeks old, but still merits a mention because Texans love nothing more than arguing about chili. This is just one of the "Official Texan Foodie Rules" that Albert Nurick proposes, although I'd add one more: "No ketchup on burgers, only on fries."

Jack Tyler Dines: Jack Tyler takes a day trip out to Rosenberg -- home of such EOW favorites as Another Time Soda Fountain and Bob's Taco Station -- to find another new favorite at the Ol' Railroad Café. The "sophisticated comfort food" served under chef Rob Frias includes everything from shrimp and grits to chicken and waffles.

29-95: Finally, prepare to say a sad farewell to SRO Sports Bar, which closed this week after 27 years in business. Syd Kearney reports that the popular watering hole "went out on a melancholy note," hosting "the Norma Zenteno Benefit and Tribute Concert, which drew hundreds of fans, friends and family of the 60-year-old local musician who died Friday evening of breast cancer complications."

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Ketchup and ground beef compliment each other. I used 10 ketchup packets on my burger today (dipping is better to maximize ketchup intake and minimize mess). 

Don't fight it, Shilcutt.


When we moved from Houston to Ohio in the late 50's a hamburger "all the way" was adorned with lettuce, TOMATOES, onions, pickles, mayonaise and mustard. I had never even heard of ketchup on a hamburger. The first time I bought a burger in Cincinnati, "all the way" included ketchup and tomatoes were an additional component available for an extra charge, What the Hell?  I also noted that when in Philly, Pat's Steaks puts ketchup on his cheese steaks (we won't discuss the Cheese Whiz). 


Look forward to reading the piece with JP of Cove. To me, it feels more swampy here than coastal.

Boheme has lost its charm with so many expansions and parking lots and and torches and hipsters. I miss what it was originally, although their wine program was nothing special.


My dad used to take us to the OTHER SRO at Cutten and 1960 back in  late 80's and early 90's when Longhorn games weren't nationally televised (so pretty much like now -- Thanks Longhorn Network!)  It was quite a place in it's heyday, arcade, indoor basketball court, 3 bars on two floors.  It was like a mini Dave and Buster's with sports on TV.


@fidelio @jack.tyler44  Actually, Fidelio, I lived about 30 miles east of Cincy on the Ohio River in a little town called Moscow. We lived there for a couple of years then moved to Virginia,,, then BACK to Ohio (Portsmouth). Aside from learning that our northern states' citizens preferred ketchup to tomatoes, I also learned that chili should be made with hamburger meat (YUK), beans (mostly) cinnamon, chocolate and allspice... AND should be served on spaghetti.

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