What Does "Comfort Food" Mean Across the World?

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Photo by José Tomás Albornoz
"Chilean empanadas, sopapillas, humitas (sweet corn tamales), charquican (orange squash with potatoes, beef, et cetera mashed into a delicious mashed concoction served in clay bowls). Oh my God, now I'm having cravings!" -- Natacha, Chilean

Photo by Troy Fields
Pho ga.
"Pho! Anytime I go out of town, when I come home, no matter where I've been, I'm throwing down some pho." -- Judy, Vietnamese

Photo by jesarqit
"Prebranac: baked beans with caramelized onions. Podvarak (sauerkraut made with my dad's smoked pork), palachinke (crepes), sarma (cabbage rolls made with my dad's smoked pork and home-fermented cabbage)." -- Dragana, Serbian

Photo by Arnold Gatilao
Spam, rice and eggs.
"Breakfast: bacon, Spam, over-easy eggs, rice, salsa (or furikake). Snack: bologna, kim chee on wonder bread with Coke. Any other time: miso soup or chuk (when sick; chicken / five-spice / bean thread soup served with rice topped with chiffonade lettuce). Kalua pig. An mochi. Misoyaki butterfish. Poke." -- JoAnn, Japanese

Photo by Katharine Shilcutt
Frites with mayonnaise.
"Hot chocolate, fries with mayo, bowl of leek soup with bread and butter all my young years in Brussels." -- Catherine, Belgian

Photo by erin.kkr
Everyone loves broccoli cheese casserole.
"Nihari. Biryani. Haleem. Karahigosht. Tikkay. Shami keba. Pulao. Sajji. Barbecue brisket. Prime rib. Broccoli cheese casserole. Jalapeño cheese loaf. Pecan pie, followed by diabetic coma." -- Kaiser, Pakistani

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Comfort food is a silly useless phrase that leaves people feeling like they have said something, when in reality they have not.

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