The New Trader Joe's in Memorial Opens in One Hour; Are You Ready?

Trader Joe 4.jpg
Photo by Katharine Shilcutt
$20 worth of Trader Joe's groceries.
After receiving its sales tax permit all the way back in December 2011, the Trader Joe's #427 at 1440 S. Voss is ready to open -- at 8 a.m. today.

The new Trader Joe's location is situated on a once-empty pad site that was previously occupied by a Michael's and smack in the middle of one of Houston's wealthiest concentration of residents. It's also directly across the street from an existing Randall's, and only a few short blocks away from a Whole Foods and a Kroger. How the discount grocery chain import will affect the business at those three long-standing stores remains to be seen.

tj charc cheese plate-thumb-560x405.jpg
Photo by Mai Pham
A charcuterie and cheese plate, assembled from Trader Joe's products, also for only $20.
This is the third Trader Joe's to open in the greater Houston area after The Woodlands store opened to huge crowds in June 2012 and a store inside the renovated Alabama Theater opened in September. At 14,000 square feet, the new Memorial-area store sits right between the other two Trader Joe's in terms of size: The Woodlands store is 13,500 square feet, while the Montrose store is slightly larger at 14,500 square feet.

If you endure the crowds this morning, let us know how the new store looks. We value our lives too much to brave a Brand New Trader Joe's Stampede.

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Mark Garza
Mark Garza

I do not understand the hoopla over Trader Joe's. I did not see anything there that was worth my time shopping there. And that "Two Buck Chuck" that everyone talks about; I never had tasted wine that bad in my life.

Angel Kirk
Angel Kirk

I was not impressed with the W. Alabama location. I guess I am too use to Central Market.

Nancy Hahn Elliott
Nancy Hahn Elliott

Other than maybe the first week, the W. Alabama store does not appear to be crazy -- always seems to be parking.


@winthrop. This is an accurate description. Its less of a "grocery" store and more of a premade lunch box. However it excels at snacks and quick meals. I think of it as the convenience store of food.

Caroline Evans
Caroline Evans

I work next door and walked over to grab my lunch. So so glad I didn't have to face the parking situation over there. One of the store managers was directing traffic. But surprisingly short checkout lines.


Trader Joe's is to cooking what Cliff's Notes are to literature.

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