The 30 Essential Texas Restaurants: The List Is Live

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Sorry about that teaser earlier this week. No fooling around this time, though: Our list is live. Go check out this week's feature -- "Eat Here: 30 Essential Texas Restaurants to Visit Before You Die" -- before reading on. We don't want to spoil any surprises for you.


Read it yet? Are you sure you didn't just skim it?

Fine. This is on you. Because we don't have spoiler tags on this site.


After reading through the 30 restaurants scattered throughout the state -- Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, even Beaumont -- you may have noticed that a few areas of the state were, shall we say, underrepresented. And being the inquisitive lot that you are, you may be wondering why.

Photo by Shelley Bernstein
Marfa's best -- and only -- food truck.
West Texas (a.k.a. Big Bend Country)

Granted, there's a whole lot of nothing between San Angelo and El Paso. But what about towns like Marfa, Alpine, Midland, Odessa, Terlingua, Marathon, Fort Stockton or El Paso itself? Marfa -- and, increasingly, Alpine and Marathon -- is notably cultured for a small Texas town, drawing artists and artistic types from all over the country. It's also known for an assortment of cool restaurants and food trucks: Maiya's, Cochineal, Food Shark, Pizza Foundation, Padre's Marfa. So how did spots like these get left off the list?

They didn't. Plenty of contributors listed spots in West Texas -- they just couldn't all agree on one or two places to represent the region as a whole. Here are the entries which began to approach critical mass (with more than two votes each):

Cochineal, Marfa
Food Shark, Marfa
The Gage Hotel, Marathon
Reata, Alpine
Starlight Theater, Terlingua
Wall Street Bar & Grill, Midland

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What about Kings Inn in Kingsville?  I have always heard that they are iconic.


The White Buffalo Bar at the Gage hotel in Marathon has one of the best burgers I've ever tasted. Another vote for Starlight Theater too!


My apologies. I totally missed this great list. 


No one voted for Cattleman's Steakhouse at Indian Cliffs Ranch near El Paso?  Amazing.

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