5 Houston Chefs We Want to See on Chopped

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Ted Allen, you should have these Houston chefs on Chopped.
Chopped has to be one of the best culinary competition shows on TV today. It's filled with excitement as contestants from all over the country open up a basket full of mystery ingredients that you (and probably the competitors) would never put together in a dish.

The four selected chefs for each episode hope to win the hearts of the judges through an amazing appetizer, entrée and dessert so that they won't be eliminated from the round. Each round has a specific time limit, which adds more pressure to the competition. It takes a special chef to compete and win on Chopped, and in Houston, we are blessed to have several outstanding chefs worthy of the Chopped title.

A few of our Eating...Our Words bloggers offered suggestions for their favorite chefs to compete on Chopped. Here are five chefs (in no particular order) that we would like to see on the Food Network reality show. Any of these chefs could walk all over the competition and win.

Jonathan Jones cooks with many exotic ingredients, like barracuda.
Jonathan Jones

Jonathan Jones has the perfect wit and humor to be entertaining and successful on Chopped. But, of course, his culinary skills would keep him alive throughout the competition. Jones would take any of the ingredients in his box and transform them into something modern and impressive. It's always exciting to watch a chef take foreign and unordinary ingredients and turn them into a work of art. Jones definitely has the finesse to do just that.

Monica Pope

It's no surprise that Monica Pope has a killer sense of creating culinary masterpieces. She is a pro at incorporating local and fresh ingredients together and would blow the judges away with her impeccable style and understanding of how food should pair together. Christina Uticone notes, "She would probably feel really comfortable with some of the more 'out there' produce they send their way." After competing on Top Chef Masters, Pope understands how to compete on television and would definitely be entertaining and fun to watch.

Brandon Fisch

We would love to see Brandon Fisch of The Burger Guys compete on Chopped. The creative concepts with the burgers, soda fountain, and additional sides and condiments served at his restaurant show that Fisch is a perfect fit for the reality competition. Modern and inventive chefs thrive on Chopped, so Fisch would be a perfect fit for this show.

Edsel L
The Feast chefs always offer interesting dishes, like pig snouts.
James Silk and Richard Knight

Although Feast is closing in several months, it would be wonderful to see either of the chefs behind the exquisite dishes served at their restaurant appear on Chopped. Feast is known for their incredible dishes made with seasonal and local ingredients. Their menus are always filled with interesting ingredient combinations that would shine on Chopped. No matter what is in their baskets, either of these chefs could create a cohesive and scrumptious dish each round -- they pride themselves on unorthodox meats, for crying out loud. These guys could handle anything the competition throws at them.

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Feast - CLOSED

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The Burger Guys - CLOSED

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Burger Guys is grossly overrated in my opinion. Im not aware of the chefs other ventures but as Burger Guys is my only experience with his work I am wondering why the author believe he would excel at odd ingredients.

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

I like the taco meat suggestion at the end.


As long as they don't give pope some shrimp and grits. Ok, that was mean, but come on, that dish was blown.

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