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Photos by Christina Uticone
Three-bite maximum dictated my choices on which new items to try at BK.
Burger King is starting the new year off right with a huge selection of new menu items, from appetizers to sandwiches to desserts. They have brought back the Italian Chicken sandwich, and added a new Philly Chicken sandwich as well; in sides/appetizer category, we have "Cheesy Tots" that promise a crunchy exterior and a cheesy, soft interior; in desserts, BK is offering both Molten Fudge bites and a Molten Fudge sundae. And in an effort to make sure all the bases are covered, they have added Chicken Nuggets -- in case you aren't a fan of their Chicken Strips.

It was tough to choose, but I drove-thru and then dove in.

Ordered: One ten-piece Chicken Nuggets, one small Cheesy Tots, one order Molten Fudge Bites (approximately $7.50, total).

Chicken Nuggets

I sort of vaguely remember when BK came out with Chicken Strips, their all-white meat, theoretically less-processed answer to the McNugget. Now BK is answering their answer to the Chicken Strip with a Chicken Nugget that is indistinguishable from its clown-approved counterpart.

As smooth and processed as you would expect, the BK Nuggets are not significantly different in any way from the McDonald's version (tempura battered, rather than breaded). While there is nothing wrong with these nuggets per se, neither is there anything special about them; they are exactly the same as a Chicken McNugget. Oh, and the sauces are nothing to get excited about either -- the sweet & sour is really just sweet (and bad), and while the "Roasted Jalapeno BBQ" is ambitiously named, it just tastes like barbecue to me. "Zesty" is the best of the bunch, as it is truly, recognizably zesty (from horseradish).

Cheesy Tots

On the other hand, the cheesy tots are downright addictive. The outside is nice and crispy, while the inside is warm and creamy with both potato and cheese. I don't think they need a dipping sauce at all, but you could absolutely go in for your dipper of choice. Cheesy Tots are everything that is right about fast food -- I want a side of these with a fish sandwich, stat.

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Molten Fudge Bites

I have no idea how a fast-food restaurant achieves this, but they are actually molten inside. The outside has a nice chocolate crust, which gives way to a layer much like a brownie, and then the center is all gooey and warm. Am I simply eating an undercooked cake rather than a true "molten" center? Probably. Do I care? Not that much. Don't forget a glass of milk -- these are quite rich. What I like best about the Molten Fudge Bites is that they aren't aggressively sweet; you can eat more than one, which is good because you get a half-dozen or so in an order.

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FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Cheesy tots are indeed quite good, and aren't an awful lunch if you opt for the Whopper Jr.  with no mayo.  (390 cal. and 20g of fat for med. cheesy tot & 260 cal. and 9g of fat for the jr. Whopper.)


I tried them last night.  The nuggets were ok.  Too much batter.  I didn't try the cheesy tots.  The molten fudge bites were good but I had the same thought as you did.  "Is this raw or really molten-y?"  Also, my Whopper was just okay.  

I recently saw the BK commercial where the guys reminisces about that time he ate a Whopper blah-blah-blah.  My best Whopper memory was when it was just 99 cents.  Yeah.  

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