2013 Food Trend: Daily Prix Fixe Menus

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This year, we will have a European influence with prix fixe menus.
Now that 2013 is here, more chefs, corporations and restaurants are making their predictions for food industry trends for the next year. A common theme among them all is the regular occurrence of prix fixe menus -- not just for special occasions or holidays, but for everyday service.

This European trend of limited menus and prices will be swooping into America throughout this new year. But menus with limited choices won't mean the quality of the food will diminish.

The first thing someone may think when hearing this news is that they won't have any choices at their favorite restaurants. An everyday tasting menu isn't a bad thing, however. When the chef offers a limited amount of food each night, it puts the pressure on him to perform.

Chefs want to offer diners the best of the best. A menu featuring only a few items means a chef has put thought into his menu and created items that complement each other for a cohesive meal.

Forbes noted in September that prix fixe menus were on the rise, with Houston's very own Fuad's being mentioned as one of the trendsetting restaurants -- it doesn't offer a menu at all, because the chef asks you what you would like to eat that night. It's unlikely, however, that most restaurants would make such a dramatic switch to Fuad's "no menu" dining approach.

You might see these in restaurants more often.
I'm personally a fan of prix fixe menus, which I feel showcase the talents of a good chef. If they can prepare a menu where each dish pairs wonderfully, I'll take a prix fixe menu any day. Half the time we can't decide what to order anyways -- might as well let the chef choose for you.

Get ready for more dining deals in 2013 with prix fixe menus as well. Although some fixed menus can be pricey, there's usually a bargain to be had when you group courses together instead of ordering them separately.

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By the way, the Cafe Rouge chain in London is pretty good as chains go.  They usually have authentically surly French staff.

conebaby topcommenter

We went to Philippe last Friday--I ate off the prix fixe, my husband off the regular lunch menu. The 3-course menu is astonishing in its value--$20 for full-size portions at lunch, including dessert? I was STUFFED. And I'm still thinking about the black eyed pea soup appetizer course--I have no idea how Chef creates a soup that is so elegant AND rustic at the same time, but it was brilliant. Twenty freaking dollars for three courses at Philippe. I still can't believe it.

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