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Photo courtesy of Proof
Two new rooftop bars have opened just in time for New Year's.
I've long said that Houston doesn't have enough cool rooftop spaces, especially close to downtown. That's finally changing with the opening of two fun new spots... The first opened several weeks ago at the Houston Pavilions: the reincarnation of Scott Gertner's Sky Bar on Montrose, which is now -- appropriately enough -- called Scott Gertner's at the Houston Pavilions. But be warned, guys (and gals): Scott Gertner's doesn't allow any "Polo boots, Timberlands,...ripped or soiled clothing,...hats or caps of any kind." I have no idea what Polo boots are, but I feel compelled to buy some now purely for sake of rebellion.

The second spot is Proof Bar + Patio, which recently opened in the space above Reef. In addition to the "custom cocktails" that Proof is shaking up (fresh juices included), you can also order appetizers from Reef downstairs. And when Reef closes at night, writes CultureMap, "food trucks will drive up the ramp and onto the patio to serve after-hours customers." Both spots should be ideal places to take in the fireworks on December 31 and ring in the New Year.

Meanwhile, two new meat meccas will be opening soon: an upscale steakhouse and a casual burger joint.

Photo courtesy of Tony's
Scott Sulma, right, and Grant Gordon will be helping to open Vallone's.
That steakhouse comes from none other than Tony Vallone, whose talented team from Tony's is hard at work bringing Vallone's to the new development across the street from Memorial City Mall, Gateway Memorial City on Gessner.

"A partnership among executive chef Grant Gordon of Tony's, general manager Scott Sulma of Tony's and Ciao Bello, and others is opening Vallone's," read a press release. "The new Houston restaurant, scheduled to open Fall 2013, will have a 'technique-driven approach to steak, fish, chops, and housemade pastas.' Tony Vallone is consulting on the venture in collaboration with his two young 'dynamos,' as he likes to call them."

Watch out, Taste of Texas. You may have an attractive block of Cheddar on your salad bar, but Tony Vallone is busting out the big guns...

And just down the street, CityCentre is getting a new tenant of its own: Grub Burger Bar, a College Station import that's opening early next year. Grub bakes its buns fresh each hour and grinds its own burgers -- a blend of brisket and chuck -- each morning. Vegetarian and/or gluten-free? Don't worry; Grub is also known for its chickpea-and-eggplant burger as well as its GF buns from Taylor Made Gluten Free Bakery in Taylor, Texas.

After being sold to father-and-son team Michael and Chris Shine back in July, the newly revamped Frank's Chop House is ready for action. Now called Frank's Americana Revival & White Star Bar, the restaurant "embraces classic dishes from regions across the country, while lending an eye toward the cuisines of the future," according to its website. If you're looking for former owners Frank Crapitto or Frank Butera, they can still be found at Crapitto's and Mancuso's Italian Table respectively.

Finally, the Eatsie Boys Cafe had its soft opening this morning. The cafe's initial hours are 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., and they're serving a full menu of breakfast and lunch. Check back later today for a full First Look at the place and its amazing matzah ball pho. You heard right. Matzah. Ball. Pho.

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Why does Gertner feel the need to plaster his name in front of every venture? Y'know who else does that? Tyler Perry.


Polo Boots are the duck boots and hunting boots made for the last 20 years by Ralph Lauren's Polo brand. They were wildly popular with rappers 15 years ago, popular at flea markets 10 years ago and popular with no one now except costume designers shooting a movie set in Baltimore in 1998. It's basically saying "Hey black people, GTFO" only in your grandmothers voice. It might as well say "No ghetto blasters, gold rope chains or Adidias track suits"


@jajustice Polo boots are just Ralph's take on the LL Bean original, which were de rigueur among the Prep set in the 80's. If a white suburban throw-back, or hipster arrived at Scott Gertner's dressed in a polo shirt (flipped collar of course), khakis and Ray Bans, I doubt they'd be excluded on the basis of duck boots.

Re Vallone: what is a 'technique-driven' approach to cooking this stuff? Apply heat in various ways to cook food? More PR dummy speak it seems.


@jajustice No, it's saying "hey fool with hunting boots on trying to get into a club, GTF to a shoe store."

texmex01 topcommenter

@jajustice and don't forget you have to wear them completely undone with your pants hanging down around them....Just like you were about to sit down on the toilet.....

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