Yep, It's a Thing: Pizza Hut Perfume

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Smell like this.
I was scrolling through Twitter last night when three words struck terror in my heart: Pizza Hut Perfume.

I'm not sure if this offends me more as a pizza lover or a perfume lover, but I am definitely offended. Look, I love the smell of pizza (though not, particularly, Pizza Hut), and I love a good gourmand perfume (gourmand perfumes are essentially comprised of "edible" notes, vanilla being the most common). But frankly, this is just madness. I want to smell pizza, not smell like pizza.

If this gimmick sounds like a joke, that's because it started out as one. The Canadian social media Grip Limited handles Pizza Hut's social media, and last summer they asked fans to name a hypothetical perfume that smelled like fresh pizza. The response was such that the marketing team for Pizza Hut hired a specialist -- an aromachologist, as they are known -- "to design a limited-edition scent."

AND THEN THEY MADE IT. And they are shipping bottles to the Facebook fans who "won" free samples this week.

Smelling like food is nothing new, and I would argue there is nothing wrong with it; I am currently wearing Jo Malone's Vanilla and Anise, which is strongly gourmand. To me, it's very Christmas-y and reminds me of my grandmother's pizzelle cookies. Most folks are familiar with gourmand notes in perfume: from fresh green notes of citrus (lime, lemon, grapefruit) and herbs (green tea, basil, grass) to warmer, sweeter notes like vanilla, anise, amber, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and honey.

I want the same things in a pizza that I want in a perfume: nuanced scents (or flavors) that provide a layered sensory experience. In my experience, Pizza Hut does not deliver that pizza to my door, so I have a tough time believing they will deliver the olfactory experience to my nose. They claim the scent's top notes are "freshly-baked, hand-tossed dough" -- a shame they focused on making their perfume smell like that, rather than making their pizza TASTE LIKE IT.

My advice: If you want to smell like pizza, you should make one from scratch: it's a win-win. In the meantime, here are a few suggestions to help you smell pizza-adjacent:

Perfume with Bread Notes: Rye Bread by Demeter

Perfume with Tomato Notes: Essential by Lacoste; Les Belles de Ricci Liberty Fizz, by Nina Ricci

Perfume with Oregano Notes: Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens

Perfume with Basil Notes: Lime, Basil & Mandarin by Jo Malone

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Kevin Gee
Kevin Gee

pizza hut makes some of the worse pizza. i sure wouldn't want to be next to someone wearing that perfume. eek!

BrittanieShey moderator

Whoa, that lime basil mandarin perfume sounds amazing.


of course, it goes without saying you had to diss Pizza Hut's food product in this post. listen you spoiled little bi**h, Pizza Hut is not "wood-fired" pie, not Brooklyn pie, gastro-pub pie, nor anything that a yuppie, hipster prima donna such as yourself would shove down her cake hole. but that's not the point of Pizza Hut. it's for hungry people on budgets and stoners. and for my dollar, it's a lot better than Domino's or that dickhead Papa John's product. now go screw yourself

conebaby topcommenter

@BrittanieShey It's very nice, quite masculine but I like that. Hit Jo Malone at Neiman's (if Andrea is working tell her I said HI!) and ask for samples; they are very generous.


Pizza Hut's entire business model depends on one curious variety of innovation:

Where else can we stick more cheese?


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