Eggnog Overload? 5 Recipes to Use Up the Leftovers

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What the heck am I supposed to do with this stuff?
Buying (and drinking) a lot of eggnog always seems like a good idea in theory in early December. But somehow my lust for this beverage drastically wanes after a couple o' random glasses and by the 26th, I'm begging neighbors to take a carton or two off my hands. A better way to get rid of your surplus is to make some eggnog-infused baked goods (because you can never have too many carbohydrates on hand during the holidays). Here are five recipes that will help you reduce your stock of 'nog.

5. Eggnog Bread. The recipe calls for green and red candied cherries, but you can kill two birds with one stone and substitute a half cup of all those extra gum drops lying around in the wake of your gingerbread house fail.

4. Eggnog Monte Criscos. Avert your eyes, Katharine Shilcutt, 'cause I know these sandwiches are not your fave. But for those of you that think bread, fruit spread, cheese and cold cuts are a harmonious combination, this version of the Monte Cristo (which uses cranberry sauce instead of jam) is tarter and more subtly sweet.

3. Eggnog Cheesecake Bars. I think everyone can agree that eggnog's greatest weakness is its insufficient richness. Add cream cheese, buttered graham cracker crumbs and sugar, and you can enjoy that eggnog flavor without worrying you're not getting enough calories.

2.Eggnog French Toast. French toast is fine and good with some warm maple syrup and a cold glass of milk. But you don't really want to be just fine and good, do you? I say use the eggnog toast to make a fluffernutter sandwich and wash it down with a mug of (you guessed it) more eggnog.

1. Bourbon Eggnog Cupcakes. Okay, okay, I hear you: Eggnog without booze is like peanut butter without jelly. That handle of Jim Beam your skeezy uncle brought to the (wassail!) party will come in handy when you make these noggy cupcakes topped with eggnog buttercream.

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