This Week In Food Blogs: Thanksgiving Breakfast Muffins and Elevated Burgers

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Photo by Michael Shum
The spicy Vietnamese burger at The Burger Palace, this week's pick from the Houston Press Flickr pool.
Robb Walsh: "Gustavo Arellano's oft-stated opinion that 'Tex-Mex is dying,' has been forwarded to me repeatedly by Tex-Mex enthusiasts," writes former Houston Press food critic Robb Walsh. "They think I should challenge him to a debate - or a duel. Few people seem to realize that Gustavo and I are friends and allies." Arellano is scheduled to speak on this very subject at the University of Houston tomorrow at 5 p.m.

Patty & David Said: It seems a new burger joint opens in Houston every week. Patty and David take on the latest, Denver import Elevation Burger, where the burgers come lettuce?

29-95: Alison Cook treks down Highway 6 out to Sugar Land to find one of Houston's few Gujarati restaurants. Vishala is tucked into a grocery store and features dishes like the khasta kachori, which looks like dahi puri on steroids.

H-Town Chow Down: Using pizza favorite Crust as an example, Albert Nurick writes about the pleasures of allowing a trusted restaurateur to talk you into trying something new and unusual.

CultureMap: It's about time we had a breakfast-only food truck. Sarah Rufca agrees, saying that she enjoyed Breakfast Burritos Anonymous's "duo of breakfast tacos stuffed with sausage, eggs and a tomatillo-based "volcano" sauce."

Hungry in Houston: Finally, I love this recipe from Hungry in Houston for a fast Thanksgiving breakfast that will serve as a cute prelude to dinner later that day. It involves muffin tins and sausage, two of my favorite things.

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Location Info

Elevation Burger

3819 Kirby Drive, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Crust Pizza Co.

4775 W. Panther Creek Drive, The Woodlands, TX

Category: Restaurant

Breakfast Burritos Anonymous

, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

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Thanks Katherine - Me and Stef (Hungry in Houston) love when we make this!

We had to take some time off (me more than Stef - and while Stef experimented) for the past year - but we are getting traction going again.  Thanks again.

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