IHOP at Home: Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches

Photos by Molly Dunn
They smell good, but don't taste that great.
I always enjoy looking at the frozen section in the grocery store. If you look hard enough, you'll find something you've never seen before. This past week, I discovered IHOP at Home frozen breakfast items and intriguingly bought the French toast maple sausage breakfast sandwiches.

You can't go wrong with IHOP for breakfast; it's an American classic. So I decided to see if the frozen breakfast items available in grocery stores were comparable to the in-house dishes at IHOP.

The best part is the sausage with the melted cheese.
Each package came with four breakfast sandwiches. Two slices of French toast encase a sweet piece of sausage, cheese and an egg.

You'll smell the strong maple syrup scent once you open the sandwich from the package. It's similar to the McGriddles at McDonald's, except for the slices of French toast are not drenched in maple syrup.

Simply wrap the sandwich completely in a paper towel and microwave for one minute and 50 seconds. That maple syrup scent intensifies after just a few seconds in the microwave. That's probably my favorite part of making this frozen breakfast item.

The sandwich smelled wonderful once it was done cooking, but unfortunately, it did not deliver in taste or texture. The French toast didn't crisp up in the microwave like I had hoped it would -- definitely too soggy. The egg was gritty and didn't stay soft like most breakfast sandwiches.

The only part I enjoyed was the sweet maple syrup-infused sausage piece with cheese melting into it. But who doesn't like a sweet sausage patty covered with gooey cheese?

The overall nutrition was much better than I expected. Each sandwich only had 16 grams of fat, 290 calories, 23 grams of carbs, 5 grams of sugar and 13 grams of protein. For an IHOP item, this is not a bad option for breakfast.

There are other items from IHOP at Home: omelet crispers, sausage wraps, breakfast bowls, syrups and French toast stuffed pastries.

I hope my grocery store brings the French toast stuffed pastries with strawberry cream cheese. That sounds like a great at home treat and probably tastes much better than the poorly executed breakfast sandwiches. In the meantime, I will stick to going to IHOP for breakfast. The frozen items just don't deliver.

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Molly is right on this IHop should stay with fresh meals because their packaged products are pure crap! Especially the French Toast item described (overly kind in my opinion).  Store was out of Jimmy Dean Bfkst sandwich so I tried Ihop French toast and it was awful had throw away the box after the one sandwich. Bread wasn't really French Toast, Sausage had fat & suet but little meat and the sausage sweat on warm-up flavored everything badly. The egg - not sure the lazer thin sliced section was really egg by looks and the synthetic cheese barely melted in the 1.5 sec warmup. They didn't use real products, they didn't bother making it edible and it was really unattractive visually - hell they didn't get anything right.  

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

The only microwave restaurant item I've found that was even passable to the real thing is white castle cheeseburgers.

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