This Week in Food Blogs: Is Houston Diverse Enough?

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Photo by Gary R. Wise
Sichuan shrimp at Suzy Wong's World, our weekly pick from the Houston Press Flickr pool.
Lushtastic: Beer blogger Leslie Sprague has a preview of the city's newest craft beer bar from the owners of Liberty Station: Cottonwood. And if Sprague's write-up is any indication, Cottonwood is going to kill it. On the food end, there will be a full menu of burgers and mussels from Cottonwood chef Daniel Ajtai, whom Sprague calls "a dedicated beer nerd." And on the beer end, expect 30 taps with "1-2 nitro taps that will host a stout and an ESB regularly, 12-15 local beers from our favorites like Karbach, Saint Arnold, Southern Star, Buffalo Bayou, and No Label and the rest (another 12-15) will be rotating taps for whatever is available at the time."

Dude, You Going to Eat That?: In response to our review last week of Straits, Dr. Ricky takes a bit of exception to our statement that Singaporean cuisine is "as diverse as Houston." He writes: "Singapore represents a dizzying array of multiple ethnicities, with a pulsing continuous work ethic, and people that seem to enjoy eating all the time. To call that cuisine as diverse as Houston may be a bit of a disservice to Singapore - but it's an admirable goal to aim for."

Robb Walsh: On the other end of the diversity argument, Robb Walsh visits two of our favorite Middle Eastern restaurants on the west side -- Al Aseel and Cedars Bakery -- and comes away impressed with both, adding them to the plethora of reasons that Houston deserves to be known affectionately as "Mutt City." He writes: "You'll find the flavors of Iraq, Lebanon and the West Bank in these three humble eateries. There's also a taqueria and a Caribbean food truck on this corner, but I'll get around to those another time."

H-Town Chow Down: The Woodlands may be a long drive for most Houstonians, but it offers something we can't get here in the city: easier access to food trucks. As Albert Nurick reports on new food truck Rockabilly Diner, there's plenty of room to pull up and sit a spell: "At the back of the property is a small seating pavilion, with a pair of picnic tables and a sturdy fan providing a breeze even when Mother Nature isn't cooperative."

Hungry in Houston: Looking for a quick and easy vegan recipe that even non-vegan fans will like? Try these: Easy Baked Vegan Dumplings with Wonton Wrappers. They're even better when served with some ginger-infused soy sauce on the side.

From the Gutt: Lastly this week, wine writer Tom Gutting asks: "How much is that wine in your glass worth?" He notes that while splurging on a high-end bottle of wine can be fun, it's ultimately about drinking what you enjoy -- not impressing others.

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Liberty Station

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Al Aseel

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Cedars Bakery

8619 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX

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Eh, I've been to Singapore as well and thought the description was a good one. Singapore is great to visit, but the authorities do seem to have a stick up their asses.


Yum, very beast that pic! Mouth-watering too. I've gotta get to Suzie Wong's World stat. They have a singles hookup dinner once a month and think I'll do the next one. Do me a solid: wish me luck!


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