Top Five Foods You Must Try at the Texas Renaissance Festival

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Don't go to the Renaissance Festival without trying this dish (see No. 2).
The Texas Renaissance Festival began this weekend on Saturday, October 6, bringing in people from all over the state. The last time I went to the Renaissance Festival was in high school, but I am glad to say that it is still the same enjoyable and hysterical event it was six years ago.

People still dress up in their crazy and sometimes repulsive costumes, walking around with a nearly empty wine bottle in their right hand and a goblet of beer in their left hand (this can be observed by noon), and you can still munch on a turkey leg or sausage-on-a-stick all day long.

I love people-watching, looking through shops at the products from the Renaissance time and attending the various shows at the festival, but most of all, I love the wide selection of food. Yes, they probably didn't have pretzel sticks and cotton candy during this time, but the beauty of the Renaissance Festival is that you can try food (most likely fried) from any region of your choosing. There's something for everyone's palate.

Here's a top five list of foods you must try while at the Texas Renaissance Festival this year.

5. Beef Jerky

It's greasy but delicious.
Don't settle for the cotton candy or giant pretzels being sold around the festival. Opt for something a lot tastier and a little bit more accurate when it comes to typical Renaissance food. The beef jerky comes in three flavors: spicy, teriyaki and original. The smoky teriyaki-flavored jerky has a little spicy kick, so if you don't like spicy food, stick with the original. It's the perfect snack to eat while walking around the festival.

4. Sausage-On-A-Stick

It's easy to enjoy this "medieval food" at the festival because you don't need utensils or a plate to eat it. This classic greasy food is served throughout the festival and is always a favorite of children and adults. It's smoky, spicy and satisfies your typical festival food cravings.

3. Fish and Chips

You'll love the homemade potato chips and crispy fried fish.
Enter into the English food section of the festival and order the fish and chips; I promise they won't disappoint. The potato chips are homemade and stay true to the potato flavor. I love when you can see the skin of the potato on the edge of the potato chips. The fish is perfectly fried with the right amount of crispy batter in proportion to the flaky fish. You can't go wrong with fish and chips for lunch.

2. Turkey Leg

While walking around the festival grounds, you can't help but take in the smell of turkey legs. The giant turkey legs are sold pretty much everywhere, and they're big enough to share with about three people, but why would you want to do that?

If you want the best turkey leg, go to the England section of the festival and order one there. At "King Henry's Table," you will definitely enjoy the crème de la crème.

Check out the Brigadoon Brewery for free samples of Ale.
1. Beer

It wouldn't be the Texas Renaissance Festival without beer. Check out the Brigadoon Brewery for free samples of ale, a tour of the brewery and a lesson in brewing beer and root beer.

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i would go for the beer for sure


@HoustonPress Duh, "turkey leg, sausage on a stick, beer" I thought you were going to tell me something worth going for.

craig.hlavaty moderator

Went to a wedding there once and it was catered by Sysco. Rad.


Glaring omission of the Scotch Egg and Mead! Also, the empanadas and falafel are quite good. Renfest has so much great food beyond turkey legs.


The blood sausage in the Polish section was also very awesome!

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