Openings & Closings: Cafe Adobe Closing and Downtown Blind Items

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Adios, Cafe Adobe.
It looks like EaDo is getting more gentrified by the day, as one of our readers sent in pictures of TABC notices for Walker Street Gastropub, set to take over the old Cafe Shoppe place at 2016 Walker. A banh mi shop replaced by a gastropub? The old Chinatown has truly changed.

Another old spot will be transformed into something completely different: Cafe Adobe on Westheimer, which has served enchiladas and margaritas for more than 30 years, will soon be torn down to make room for an apartment complex, reports CultureMap. Go Houston. Cafe Adobe is not my favorite Tex-Mex in town, but I have extremely fond memories of happy hours with friends on that rooftop patio or family dinners inside the glass-walled, plant-covered, indoor-outdoor dining room. Cafe Adobe is quirky and fun and, sadly, will be only a memory after it closes for good next year.

In its place at the already uncomfortably crowded intersection of Shepherd and Westheimer will be an "upscale residential rental project" from Hines. Cafe Adobe sold its original location to Hines in order to raise enough funds to buy out all the remaining Cafe Adobe locations in Houston, according to a press release:

Due to the unfortunate and untimely death of Café Adobe partner Scott Cragin, Café Adobe has completed the sale of the land where the original Café Adobe now stands at 2111 Westheimer to provide for Cragin's family and the buyout of its partners. Borochoff, who bought into the company six years ago, emphasized that the Westheimer restaurant will continue to operate as usual and will move to a new location in the same area next year.

You may have noticed that another restaurant called Sapori Ristorante opened this week, but chef Alberto Baffoni isn't back at his old spot. Instead, this is a different Sapori completely, reports B4-U-Eat. This one is in Galveston:

Brothers Rosario and Nunzio Incorvaia last week opened Sapori Ristorante, 7611 Stewart Rd, Galveston. It's been a long two years of renovating but they are serving Italian-European dishes and pastries daily from 11am-9pm.

Finally, it's time for another exciting blind item. This week, we got news straight from the horse's mouth that a very popular food truck is about to put down brick-and-mortar roots...downtown. I wonder how City Council and the GHRA feel about that.

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Location Info

Cafe Shoppe - CLOSED

2006 Walker, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Cafe Adobe - CLOSED

2111 Westheimer, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

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Coastal Crossing Grill in Alvin has closed.

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

That's a damn shame.  Cafe Adobe has been one of our meet-up places since back in the mid 90's.  The food was never special, but the upstairs patio was always familiar and welcoming.


Oh well, it opens up a new top 10:  Best places for your group to meet up!


Oh dear god, an apartment complex on that corner? With those roads? I foresee a traffic clusterfuck the likes of which haven't been seen in Houston in some time.

WestSideBob topcommenter

Can you imagine what traffic will be like when there are services at St Anne's ?  Lord have mercy !!!!


 @WestSideBob It's going to be awful. I don't know who approves these sorts of things or overlooks the roads, but they do an awful job. 

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