Binders of Women and Wine

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Photo courtesy Underbelly
We here at Eating Our Words love political humor as much as the next food blog. And so do the good folks at Underbelly, as seen above.

After last night's presidential debate in which Republican candidate claimed to have "binders of women" that he looked through in order to find viable female cabinet members to hire while he was governor of Massachusetts, the three-word phrase was co-opted into all comedic corners of the Internet.

Now, the meme has escaped into real life. Underbelly -- which actually does keep its wine list in a binder -- posted this message on its marquee today, accompanied by a side note: "Chances took the binder full of women." Underbelly and its attached beer bar, The Hay Merchant, took over the old Chances space -- a lesbian bar.

Oh, and as for Mitt's binders of women? Those actually did exist. In binder form and everything.

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Good thing you explained that Chances reference.  Probably lots of folks scratching their heads over that one.  Very funny.


@HoustonPress In Maine, a #Zumba Instructor has this headline printed on a cover sheet. #prostitutionrings

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