All-Day Fundraiser Today at Liberty Kitchen for Injured Bartender David Brown

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David Brown, tending bar pre-accident.
On Thursday, September 13, Liberty Kitchen bartender David Brown was riding his bicycle -- his main means of transportation -- down a busy stretch of Studemont that crosses White Oak Bayou when he lost his balance and plummeted 40 feet over the railing into the bayou below.

Luckily for Brown, the rain hadn't swelled the bayou that day, or he could have drowned. Unluckily, he landed on the hard pavement directly next to the water and suffered multiple fractures throughout his body, with extensive damage to his right arm. His bike was left shattered as well, in a fall that could have easily killed him. The Houston Fire Department stabilized what they could and loaded Brown into a basket before taking him to the hospital, where doctors had to put his mangled right arm into a halo.

A month later, Brown is now out of the hospital -- but still wearing that halo until his arm and wrist fully heal. He also has a long road of physical therapy and rehabilitation ahead to repair the injuries to his back and shoulder. And until these things heal, Brown can't tend bar.

And -- as with most service industry workers -- Brown does not have insurance.

Liberty Kitchen and its sister restaurant, BRC Gastropub, have organized a silent auction and all-day donation drive to help Brown get back on his feet and put a dent in his medical bills. Along with the silent auction, people who want to simply donate to Brown's rehabilitation fund are invited to do so at Liberty Kitchen.

"We are also receiving donations from Liberty Kitchen clients who know David and are anxious to help in any way possible," says Maggi Jones, public relations coordinator for the restaurants. "The bills are horrendous, as you can only imagine."

The silent auction item up for bidding at both restaurants is a pair of Houston Texans tickets. But there's more: The two pairs of tickets also come with their own unique perks.

At Liberty Kitchen, the tickets get you a suite for the upcoming Texans vs. Buffalo Bills game on November 4. The two tickets come with a parking pass and all the free food and drink that comes with sitting in a suite at Reliant Stadium -- the whole package.

And at BRC Gastropub, the tickets are for two amazing field-level seats in Section 113 at the Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars game on November 18 -- and these seats come with tailgate passes, as well.

To bid on the tickets, visit Liberty Kitchen or BRC Gastropub and drop your name and bid with the restaurant. Bidding ends at 11 p.m. tonight. Winners will be announced via Facebook and notified by e-mail.

As for Brown, Jones says that he is currently in good spirits now that he's out of the hospital, but is understandably anxious about his upcoming medical expenses. "He just received his first round of medical bills," said Jones. "He must begin paying these in order to continue with rehab and future surgeries."

"He's so lucky to be alive," said Jones. "But that being said, now we have to get him back to full health!"

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Very, very few restaurants have the kind of profit margins necessary to provide employees with health insurance, save for large chains like Pappas. Before I was a food critic, I administered health insurance plans for several different Fortune 1000 companies and I can tell you firsthand that they're often the second-largest cost overall that a company incurs on its entire ledger - not just in SG&A - running into the tens of millions each year. Providing health insurance to employees costs a company more than most people probably realize, as your company subsidizes the majority of the plan in most cases.

Roxanne Werner
Roxanne Werner

I feel really bad for this guy, and think it's great that Liberty Kitchen would hold a fundraiser for him, but it seems like it be even better if they offered their staff health insurance.


Awful accident, I wish David the best with his recovery.


Having an accident or getting sick while being uninsured in the United States is a nothing short of a nightmare. I'm glad Obama and some in Congress finally had the cajones to enact healthcare reform and join the rest of the developed world. It's one of many reasons to let Obama follow-up and see to his reelection.

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