Bartender Chat: Amy Singletary of J. Black's Feel Good Lounge on Hockey Fights and More

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Photos by Katharine Shilcutt
Amy Singletary at J. Black's is a fast-moving, fast-talking bartender with a friendly smile and plenty of stories.
At J. Black's Feel Good Lounge, bartender Amy Singletary -- whose last name is spelled just like that of Minnesota Vikings linebacker coach Mike Singletary -- says she gets asked all the time if she's related to the famous football player. (Amy is white; Mike is black.) "I'm like, what does it look like?" she laughs, before adding in a perfunctory "Go Bears!"

Are you from Houston originally?

Yes. Born here, raised in Georgia. I've been back since my junior year of high school, which was two years ago. [Singletary laughs, as she's already admitted to being 30 years old.] I ended up back in Clear Lake.

So how long have you been bartending?

Around ten years. I cocktailed when I was 18 and then started bartending.

Where were you before you were here at J. Black's?

[Singletary pauses for a second in contemplation.] 55. I've worked at 20 bars, so I'm trying to go in order. I've worked at Pub Fiction, Front Porch, Escobar, Maple Leaf...

Singletary makes a great Hemingway daiquiri.
You've got to have the best stories.

[Nods.] Hockey people are crazy. Yeah. One day I just filled in for the girl whose husband owns the Maple Leaf, and I thought, "Okay, I'm gonna come in here and have fun..." and people were throwing things at each other [during the game]. One guy was like, "Oh, you don't like hockey? Well, you've gotta root for a team anyway." So he gives me his jersey and I put it on. Then of course a bunch of the other guys start getting really pissed off. My boss comes up to me and is like, "Could you take that off? People are getting really pissed off." And I was like, "Hell, no! Now it's just on principle! Now I'm gonna root for this team! It was the Blackhawks. And now I love "Chelsea Dagger" [the team anthem for the Chicago Blackhawks]."

Did you have a favorite bar you worked at?

I've worked at every kind of bar. But I did have a favorite: R&R and Pangea on Main Street [which is now closed]. It was my first high-volume bartending job and we were allowed to have a lot of fun behind the bar.

J. Black's vibe is that of an updated mid-century modern lounge (although the fireplace won't come in handy until winter).
You're fast as hell behind the bar. Have you ever considered competing in Speedrack or any of those timed bartending competitions?

I try to be speedy! But no, I haven't done any of those competitions; they intimidate me. I've been to the ones where they emphasize different spirits, but not the timed competitions. That would be fun, though.

So what do you drink when you go out?

Jameson. I love anything Irish. Like that guy over there. If you're Irish and an asshole...I love you. I love Kenneally's. The thin-crust pizza at Kenneally's is great.

J. Black's great pizzas are half-off on Tuesday nights, while starters are half-price every day from 4 to 7 p.m. Other happy hour deals include $1 off drinks and 25 percent off bottles of wine from 4 to 7 p.m.

Finally, a tamer question: Where do you like to go eat lunch?

Paulie's. Everything I've tried there is delicious.

Happy Hour is our favorite time to swing in to J. Black's as it's nice and quiet in the back bar and lounge area. Go visit Amy at J. Black's on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings before she moves to New York City in the spring.

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"If you're Irish and an asshole... I love you. I love Kenneally's." Oh, but you repeat yourself.

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