Sixpoint Brewery Makes Its Mark on Texas

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Photos by Katharine Shilcutt
Brewmaster and Sixpoint founder Shane Welch signed autographs for fans at Rockwell Tavern. [Ed. note: Sixpoint's Brewmaster is Jan Matysiak.]
"It was very planned out," said Sixpoint founder Shane Welch of his brewery's recent move into the Texas market. The Brooklyn, New York-based brewery hit Texas this week with an initial offering of five different beers, a number Welch promised would grow in the near future.

We had a chance to check in on Welch's visit to Houston late last week during his stop in to Rockwell Tavern in Cypress. Given Rockwell's far-flung location, any excuse to get out to the craft beer and burger hotspot is always welcome. After we pounded down our burgers and finished sharing the various Sixpoint beers available on draft at Rockwell, Welch sat down and offered some insight into his brewery's latest sales expansion.

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Sixpoint's beers were being served in local craft brewery glasses.
From the get-go, it was apparent Welch has very happily done his homework on the Texas market. Boasting that this was his tenth trip to the Lone Star State, he was capable of speaking to hometown favorites Karbach and Saint Arnold just as easily as he was his own beers. This was especially impressive, given the relatively low profile of Texas beers on the national stage.

"The culture here...the culture is good," said Welch. "There are certain states across this country that aren't beer drinkers. Texas has a beer-drinking culture in spades...from top to bottom."

"And," Welch added, "now there's a vibrant craft beer culture, too."

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Rockwell Tavern

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Tacos Tierra Caliente

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