10 Lobster Dishes to Try in Houston: #3 Lobster Anniversary Special at Fung's Kitchen

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The $18.99 Lobster Anniversary Special. What a beautiful bargain.
One of the many things that intrigues me about the Victorian era was how the general overabundance of shellfish meant foods like lobster were more fare for the hoi polloi than the aristocratic minority. This year, a bumper crop in the Northeast has once again made lobster cheaper for the masses. And with the lowered cost of bulk orders for restaurants, chefs are getting creative in their uses of this crustacean. Here are 10 Lobster Dishes to Try in Houston.

#3 Lobster Special at Fung's Kitchen

If there's a sentimental pick on this list, it may be the live lobster special at Fung's Kitchen. The restaurant is celebrating its 23rd anniversary, and since August is my anniversary month, well, let's just say I don't need another excuse to mark both occasions with even more lobster.

While there's nothing too fancy about Fung's lobster special, the dish nevertheless shines with sharp, original flavors. The lobster is available with "house special sauce," but I recommend (as does Fung's) having the (roughly) one and a quarter pounds of meat stir-fried with ginger and scallions. This preparation makes for a crisp, fragrant dish that trades on the salty brininess of the seafood, with more mellow tastes of root vegetables.

More expensive lobster dishes are regularly available at Fung's, but the $18.99 special will continue only as long as management can get the right size, perfectly fresh crustaceans. In other words, don't wait 23 years until their next anniversary.

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