The 5 Sexiest Celebrity Male Chefs

It's getting hot in the kitchen, and not just from the flames.

Check out the Top 5 Hottest Celebrity Male Chefs that make our flames broil:

Double your pleasure...
5. Govind Armstrong

Armstrong's dreamy locks first made our hearts flutter on shows like Bravo's Top Chef and Top Chef Masters and the Food Network's Iron Chef America. Dubbed the " Culinary King of Los Angeles," the chef owns the popular 8 oz. Burger Bar and is the author of a steamy cookbook, Small Bites, Big Nights: Seductive Little Plates for Intimate Occasions and Lavish Parties.

With his sexy, laid-back vibe and killer smile, we wouldn't mind joining him for a seductive, "big" night of our own...

4. Eric Ripert

Thumbnail image for ericripert.jpg
Eric Ripert, a.k.a. Silver Fox.

With his light, piercing eyes and come-hither French accent, this silver fox really gets our ovens warmed. In addition to winning multiple James Beard Awards, Ripert's flagship restaurant, New York's Le Bernardin, was named one of the Best Restaurants in America and is ranked among the top restaurants in the world.

And if that isn't sexy enough, the über-successful chef has a big heart too; he chairs the non-profit organization and food rescue program City Harvest and has hosted three Tibetan Aid Project fundraisers at his restaurant. Now what's hotter than that?

3. Curtis Stone

We can think of some other things that do too Curtis...
What can we say? We're suckers for accents.

This Australian celebrity chef and cookbook author is no stranger to the camera; he's graced the small screen and our hearts on a number of shows, including TLC's Take Home Chef, NBC's The Celebrity Apprentice and most currently, Bravo's Around the World in 80 Plates alongside the adorable Cat Cora.

His nickname, "The Quiet Terminator," gets us both excited and scared...and we like it.

2. Michael Chernow

michael chernow2.jpg
This gorgeous-faced, tatted-up co-owner of NYC's The Meatball Shop can rock nerdy black frames with the best of them. His sexy-as-hell smile has been featured on Elle online, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and on The Style Blog

Chernow's even a model now; J. Crew recruited him to show off dapper skinny-cut suit and rugged boots on its website.

It's just really, really hard not to have a total hipster crush on this man...almost as hard as trying not to make a joke about his meatballs.

1. Rocco DiSpirito

Gratuitous Rocco almost-shirtless collage
He's hip, he's hot, and he tweeted us back even when we said he looked like a Jonas Brother.

The sexy Queens-born chef has been making waves with women from the start; in 1998, renowned New York Times reviewer Ruth Reichl claimed the food at DiSpirito's restaurant to be so good that the woman seated at the table over was moaning as she ate. Sounds promising...

Today, the television personality and cookbook author is busy promoting his Now Eat This Food Truck, serving New Yorkers healthy comfort food that's under 350 calories. No wonder he looks so good.

With all the steaminess in the culinary world today, we had some trouble narrowing the list down to five men. Did we miss some of your hottest chefs? Who's your favorite? Hottest Female Chefs List to come!

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Our very own Chris Nemoto...he can stand with those guys easy... .


I vote for Monica Pope.  That dude is smoking

Gertrude J. Phillips
Gertrude J. Phillips

Todd English!  He should definitely be on the list!


I'd include Marc Forgione and Danny Boome....


Give me Eric Ripert any day!!!!  Not only does he look good, but the French accent is divine!!!  And I would have to add Anthony Bourdain for his cocky sexiness.


Todd English!  He should definitely be on the list!!!

Dr. Ricky
Dr. Ricky

Hmm, not one Bravo TopCheftestant. Interesting.


Curtis Stone signed a contract with Hy-Vee (a Midwest grocery store chain somewhat like HEB), and I never saw him in Des Moines (where they filmed the ads). I've heard he's gorgeous in person, and really nice. Grrr!

Katharine Shilcutt
Katharine Shilcutt

While he definitely seems like an awful person to be around, my vote is cast for  Ludo Lefebvre.

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