Where Are We Drinking? Clue: Where the Cantaloupe Roam

The beverage you see below in a Ball jar is both dessert and drink: It's a take on the licuado, a Mexican hot-weather specialty in which fruit juice is blended with milk and ice. It's like a smoothie, but looser and rarely featuring whole fruit. In the case of this restaurant, its twist on the licuado features a very traditional fruit juice for the beverage -- cantaloupe -- blended with tangy, Greek-style yogurt and ice. It's a light and refreshing end to a meal, and one that I'm going to start making myself at home.

Think you know where we're drinking this week? Leave your best guess below.

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Katharine Shilcutt
Katharine Shilcutt

I've noticed that they usually take your first set of silverware away when your first round of plates are cleared, and then you can help yourself to the flatware after that.


What clued me in is the jar of flatware back there.  I couldn't figure out why this is on the table along with the usual flatware settings at each seat.  I guess in case you drop one!

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