This Week in Food Blogs: Houston's Top 100 Restaurants?

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29-95: To quote Peter Gabriel, the "big big big big big big big big big" news this week was the release of Alison Cook's top 100 restaurants in Houston. I can't imagine how monumental of a task it was to compile not only the list, but all of the write-ups that accompany each entry. The full list -- with write-ups -- will be available on 29-95 later this week, but for now check out the quick round-up at the Houston Chronicle or see the full-color, full-on version on the Chron's iPad app.

Eater Houston: And because it's a meta-ful world, here's Eater Houston's critique of food critic Alison Cook's list of her top 100 restaurants.

CultureMap: One of the best parts of this past weekend's Summer Fest took place before the musicians even hit the stages: a Saturday-morning breakfast prepared by Uchi Houston's Philip Speer and Kaz Edwards that featured dishes ranging from truffled farmhouse egg congee with seared pork belly to granola over light shiso yogurt with Texas peaches. Sarah Rufca at CultureMap has more on the duo's daring breakfast.

Chili Bob's Houston Eats: Of all the new food trucks to hit our streets recently, it's the L'es-Car-Go (pronounced "l'escargot," like the snails) that I'm most excited about trying. Snails from a food truck! Snail poppers and frites and pâté from a truck!! Bruce beat me to it, and has already labeled it the best food truck/cart outside of Melange Creperie -- mighty high praise.

Blue Jean Gourmet: Nishta shares some profound and moving parting thoughts following the wedding of her "little sister," as well as her mother's unrivaled recipe for saag paneer, which -- surprise! -- calls for broccoli.

H-Town Chow Down: Finally, Albert leaves us with an important question to answer this week...Who started the gourmet burger craze in Houston? I'd start with Hubcap Grill.

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Melange Creperie

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Reading Alison Cook's Top 100, I noticed that Houston Press was not listed among the publications where she had written in the past. I know she's getting up there and might have forgotten, but I believe she wrote several years for Houston Press? Am I right?

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