Houston Mother Allegedly Left Kids in Crashed Car to Eat Ice Cream, Get Naked

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Photo courtesy of HPD/Illustration by Monica Fuentes
Got my mind on some ice cream and some ice cream on my mind.
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How hot does it have to get in Houston before someone's brain gets completely fried? Apparently, it already happened last week.

A Houston woman was found naked in a CVS after crashing her car into a METRO bus near South Post Oak and Orem last Friday, according to police and KPRC Channel 2.

Stephanie Dillard, 34, allegedly walked away from the accident and left her three children -- ages 5, 12 and 16 -- in the car while she trotted off to a nearby CVS to get ice cream.

Dillard was found in the drugstore by Houston Police Department officers, where she had not only begun eating ice cream out of the freezer -- but was also stripping naked, police said.

The combination of ice cream and the lack of clothing had apparently not yet cooled Dillard off enough, as KPRC reported officers said that Dillard "put up a fight when officers tried to arrest her."

The children suffered only minor injuries in the accident and were turned over to their grandmother. Whom, we hope, did not offer to take them for consolatory scoops of ice cream.

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OMG. Went to high school with this nut. Good job Stephanie, good job....


At least she didn't try to eat anyone's face...


Just look at the photo.... ALL NEGROES!  And, up all night in a thug club.... guess none of them have jobs and all are on food stamps and all making babies with no fathers, hoe mothers, trashy ignorant blight on Houston that came over in waves from New Orleans to bleed Houston dry.  Thank God they tend to kill each other!  We need to rid this city of unemployed, but heavily armed negroes that have no job and rape, steal and throw trash all over the neighborhood.  I'm a bigot and with GOOD REASON.... 98% of these people (blacks) are no damn good and should be shipped back to Africa... the other 2% of them we tend to send to Washington.... and good riddance

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