Houston Slips to No. 4 on Travel + Leisure's List of Top Burger Cities

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Photo by Troy Fields
Grilling 'em up at The Burger Guys.
After reigning as Travel + Leisure's No. 1 burger city in America for 2011, Houston has now slipped to No. 4 in the magazine's 2012 list. This year's top city? Providence, "with its reputation for creative, locavore chefs" according to the magazine, followed by Philadelphia and Chicago.

Providence? For burgers? Ahahahahahahahaha! (p.s.: If you're looking for Dallas on the list, our neighbor to the north didn't even merit a mention. So there's that bit of hilarity, too.)

Anyway. Travel + Leisure cited a few Houston favorites in its blurb about the city "known for its giant, mustard-laced burgers," including Lankford Grocery, Bubba's Texas Burger Shack and "newcomer" The Burger Guys.

Sadly, the article (and corresponding pop-up-filled slideshow, which is maddening to the point of insanity) feature no photos of the burgers from any of the cities Travel + Leisure spotlighted -- only photos of the various cities' skylines. So to make up for T+L's lapse in judgment, here are some photos of the Houston burgers that got a nod.

Photo by Jeff Balke
The Double Meat Cheeseburger at Lankford Grocery: mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato and cheese.

Photo by Dawn McGee
The Buffalo Bacon Burger at Bubba's Texas Burger Shack: buffalo, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles and bacon.

Photo by Mai Pham
The Sonoma Burger at The Burger Guys: applewood-smoked bacon, cheddar, avocado, arugula and aioli.

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Location Info

Lankford Grocery and Market

88 Dennis St., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Bubba's Texas Burger Shack

5230 Westpark, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

The Burger Guys - CLOSED

12225 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

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This little observation from A Hamburger Today

"I'll point out that the article starts off with this gem of a quote:

How much should you pay for a great hamburger?

"The best ones fall between $10 and $20," says burger enthusiast Keith Flanagan, who's also an account executive at a New York City public relations firm. "Anything less should make a foodie question the quality, and anything more should make a foodie question the restaurant's hubris."



You don't sell magazines by crowning the same winners year after year. Just saying.


Aw, man!  We almost went to Bubba's, tonight.  Instead, we went to Lai Lai.  So, even though I'm filled to the gills with dumplings, I'm also jonesin' for a burger!

This is like hell!  Hell, I tell you!


Wow, what a smack in the face.  With all the fantastical burger places to fulfill your every beefy fantasy and they only pick 3 to represent us.  What idiots? (Stimpy tone of voice)


Why did I look at this "food porn"?!  Seriously -- now I am ready for a burger!!!!


I mean Ren!!!! arrrrggghhh damnit

Urban Swank
Urban Swank

Ditto! And we just finished a 6 day "burger a day" week just last week! I thought I was done...guess not! #burgerplease :-)

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