5 Things You Missed at the East End Street Festival

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Photos by Groovehouse
The judges' table was laden with terrific tacos. See our slideshow for more photos from the day.
This past Saturday, East End residents celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a block party on Harrisburg -- steps away from where the new East End light rail line will soon be operating.

The street festival, sponsored by the Greater East End District, featured performers such as Los Pistoleros de Tejas and Ballet Folklorico. But it also featured some of the town's best tacos and one of the most official taco-judging panels I've ever been a part of: State Representative Carol Alvarado, City Councilman Ed Gonzalez and Metro CEO George Greanias.

If you didn't go, that means you don't know that the Firehouse Taco truck won the taco competition with its flour tortilla-wrapped carnitas tacos -- beating out several other longtime taco trucks as well as other newcomer Ladybird in the process.

Here are five other things you missed at the East End Street Festival:

5. More tacos

4. Raspas

3. Paleteros

2. The best-dressed taco truck contest

1. Finding out where conejo en adobo comes from

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this was a lot of fun. I hope they keep this going. brought back a lot of memories from living in east end and saw a lot of familiar faces.


The hibiscus tea at Ladybird was pretty awesome.

Dr. Ricky
Dr. Ricky

Raspa de sangre de conejo. Refresca!

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