Shepherd Park Draught House: A Little Bit Country, a Little Bit Rock 'n' Roll

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Photos by Troy Fields
Even the retro-cool facade of Shepherd Park has a rocking swagger.
What's country about Shepherd Park Draught House? The goat cheese-infused grits and the Shipley's glazed donut-topped waffles served during Sunday brunch. The Texas brews like Karbach and Southern Star on draft, along with a $2 Texas happy hour on Tuesdays. The so-called "Texas reds" chili made with Akaushi beef and the Bandera burger, topped with jalapenos and barbecue sauce.

What's rock 'n' roll about the Garden Oaks-area pub? Just look inside: The walls are coated with rock and punk memorabilia from owner Ken Bridge's own collection, while the chandelier-lit atmosphere and eclectic furniture ooze grown-up rock chic.

And it's in marrying these two elements where Shepherd Park Draught House succeeds.

There's no whiskey here, but there are plenty of good craft brews to choose from.
It's both Texas country and rock 'n' roll, as much as it's both hip and mature at the same time. As all the cool kids get married, have kids and move into the "suburbs" of Garden Oaks and Oak Forest, places like Petrol Station, Plonk and Shepherd Park Draught House have risen to meet the residents' demand for "grown-up" places that aren't rowdy, liquor-drenched dens of iniquity but are still fun, cool and -- most importantly -- serve good grub and beer.

That's not to say Shepherd Park is perfect: This week's cafe review addresses both the pros and cons of the latest restaurant in Bridge's empire (which also includes Pink's Pizza, Lola's and Dragon Bowl). But on the whole, it's a terrific new addition to the burgeoning restaurant scene in Garden Oaks/Oak Forest.

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Shepherd Park Draught House

3402 N. Shepherd Drive, Houston, TX

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First off, don't EVER judge a restaurant by the waitstaff. That's just plain dumb of you. Those are people who are paid $2.13 an hour (I'm a waitress, and I would know) to bring you drinks, take your order, and refill if need be. This is a place who does not employ 'people' but employs those who will give you fantastic and personal service. This place is FANTASTIC. The beer selection is to die for, the food is to DIE for. I don't know about YOU, but I've never been ANYWHERE in Texas where a BANDERA burger is offered, and to me, that's the creme of the crop. Literally, if they served nothing else, I would still come JUST for that. If YOU make $2.13 an hour, PLEASE be my guest to comment on how TERRIBLE the service is because the people there have been nothing but nice, accommodating, wonderful, and knowledgeable to me. Speaking for someone in the industry, I strive to provide service to the astronomical par that has been staked at this phenomenal restaurant. Thanks for the story, Katharine, wonderful, as usual!


I don't care for this place because it is overpriced.  Lower the prices on entrees about $2-3 and cut the cost of local beer (St. Arnolds) from $6 to $3-4 and I would feel okay about this place.  Overall, it is just mediocre and if it was cheaper, I would be more compelled to become a regular.


Katherine is such a SCHILL for Pink''s really pothetic...and you really have to ask yourself why....hmm maybe because Pink's advertises SO MUCH with the Houston Press. If SCHILLcut was just a foodie snob it would be one thing but at least she would have kept some DIGNITY. But SCHILLcut has absolutely no integrity......please Houston Press fire her ASAP....bring someone from Culturemap, Chron, ANYTHING but her....


Perhaps we should try this again ... Thanks for steering me away from the clunkers.  We were there one Friday night in January, and were very disappointed in both the food and the service.  We had the "waiter with dead eyes" -- the guy who just didn't care (after bringing me a red wine when I ordered white) and cared even less about us after we waited 30 (more) minutes for a sandwich and a salad.  My mixed greens w. herbed chicken, prosciutto and  gorgonzola lack the last two items.  Server vaporized after dropping off the food, and no one came back with the obsequious "is everything OK?"  And yes, I am over 30, so the music was definitely too loud.  We desperately want to like this place, as it is close to home, and a step up from Petrol Station, where food seems to be an afterthought. 

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and 'Shilcutt'. And if she actually cared about who's advertising, why would she give plenty of the advertisers lukewarm, negative or no mention? So that's just a goofy point.

Now, CultureMap, on the other hand, doesn't have any advertisers, so that might be interesting; but then again, CM seems genetically incapable of actual criticism. Is the Chron still publishing? I'm not sure, maybe that's how you LEARNED to write in random CAPS, Josie?

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