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Blue Jean Gourmet: Exciting news from last year's Houston Web Awards winner for Best Food Blog: Nishta and her partner, Jill, have applied to become adoptive parents. Until the baby arrives, they've taken to calling their future child "Peanut." In honor of Peanut, Nishta has assembled a few of her favorite peanut-based recipes -- including sweet treats, savory dishes and even canine snacks.

Urban Swank: Gooey butter cake -- that St. Louis dessert/coffee-time treat -- is now available here in Houston, freshly baked by a duo of local pastry chefs: Jenni Taffe and Anne Berry Martinez of the Gooey Butter Girls Cake Co. Urban Swank has more about this classic cake and where to find it in Houston.

Almost Veggie Houston: Ashli Michelle takes one for the team and tries out the wings at Hooters from a womanly perspective. Surprisingly, it wasn't the overall Hooters atmosphere that she found offensive, but rather the waitress' tan pantyhose (what is this, 1985?) and the restaurant's dirty silverware.

29-95: In openings, Greg Morago takes a look at the brand-new L'Olivier, which has transformed a former adult bookstore next to Numbers on Lower Westheimer into a fancy French bistro.

CultureMap: And in closings, Sarah Rufca has the details on the shuttering of River Oaks seafood favorite Pesce and what will soon be opening it its place.

Dude, You Going To Eat That?: Finally, Dr. Ricky has a terrific post on the shortfalls of seasonal eating, starting with the question: Why aren't loquats on more Houston menus during spring? He continues:

In a sense, the drive to eat seasonably evolved as a backlash against the enormous efforts we take to preserve and transport produce from different climates to ensure consistent availability in all markets. But all that effort is driven by the demand for consistency and predictability - such that it's unimaginable for a cheeseburger in Alaska not to have lettuce and tomato in it.

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Thanks! I've found that CultureMap is a great source for Press Releases. They've probably even eclipsed HBJ in this area. They're great at turning them into story snippets.

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