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They've got food...CHEER LOUDER!!!

BBVA Stadium, the shiny new home of your very own Houston Dynamo (and TSU) has announced its primary vendor, and it's not Aramark.

Levy Restaurants, the same company that currently does the Rockets' food offerings, will be handling the food concessions at the new stadium. If you've never had any of Toyota Center's culinary repertoire, it's quite decent.

There's apparently some high-concept stuff at the Rockets' home court. According to their website, the Red and White Wine Bistro features a Farm to Fork Table. I know nothing of this wine bistro inside Toyota Center, but I have had some food there that departed from the typical hot dog and nacho path that most other local venues employ.

Founded in Chicago, the Levy Restaurant brand has been operating since 1978 and is a huge company, coordinating a small empire of restaurants and stadium concessions the nation over.

From the MLS to NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL to Wolf Gang Puck restaurants and James Beard Award-winning eateries such as Spiaggia in Chicago, Levy Restaurants is not exactly tiptoeing its way into the world of food mass-production, catering and service.

This is a proven entity capable of doing a consistent and quality job. I've never taken issue with Toyota Center food. Levy runs a Wolfgang Puck joint inside Disney World. That's a lot of large-bottomed tourists in khaki shorts to feed.

Arena, event and stadium food must be graded on the food bell curve -- at one end you have the premium foods for commodity markets, such as Kobe beef, things with truffle oil or anything "deconstructed." At the other end of the curve, you have anything you eat at the fair and then later regret. Hopefully, the new Dynamo stadium will offer something in between.

BBVA Compass Stadium general manager Doug Hall says Levy Restaurants has a "proven track record in our industry and in our market, and I know that Dynamo fans will be impressed with the quality of their service. We are happy to and fortunate to have them as a part of our team."

I think Levy Restaurants is a significant improvement from the old Dynamo food, as well as most of the stuff at Minute Maid.

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James Mayes
James Mayes

Don't forget about Texas-based Z Tequila margaritas!


Good to know - although many of the Dynamo faithful will be filling up at their parking lot tailgates - as long as the city and the team can finish hammering out the details of that.  Last I heard they will be allowing alcohol and food consumption in specific lots before games, but they haven't figured out if and how to allow grilling/open flame.  Which is kinda the point (other than the beer).  Perhaps that could be a good follow-up to this helpful article?  Like many other season multi-season ticket holders, I'm gonna miss the parking lot at Robertson Stadium!  

Eric Henao
Eric Henao

As far as I'm concerned, ANYTHING is better than Aramark.


How many standard deviations do you want the Dynamo Stadium to have on the Food Bell Curve?

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