Ben & Jerry's Greek Frozen Yogurt

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Finally, a Greek yogurt I can eat with a cone.
It was only a matter of time. Lunch break at the Ben & Jerry's think tank: some enterprising young person looks at her carton of Chobani, then at the freezer, then at her Chobani...and voila, Ben & Jerry's Greek Frozen Yogurt.

Greek yogurt has been all the rage (in the U.S.) since dieticians launched their attack on "regular" yogurt for being riddled with sugar and artificial flavors.

The Mediterranean version, purveyed through brands like Oikos and Chobani, has on average more protein, fewer (if any) additives, and a lower carbohydrate content.

So why not freeze it and put it on a waffle cone?

Four varieties of B&J's Greek Frozen Yogurt (raspberry chocolate chunk, peanut butter banana, blueberry graham cracker, and strawberry shortcake) are currently available in your grocer's freezer, with a fifth flavor (vanilla) sold at select scoop shops. I tried the banana peanut butter.

Admittedly, I've only eaten non-frozen Greek yogurt about a dozen times in my life, so I am far from a connoisseur. I expected a creamy texture and a relatively "clean" taste, considering the Ben & Jerry's devotion to whole ingredients from sustainable sources. (Not to say, however, everything that goes into a pint is "natural.")

And that's what I got. If you don't like banana, stay away from this flavor, which privileges fruit in its taste proportions; peanut butter appeared only in thin spirals. The absence of tartness did make me a bit suspicious. This Greek yogurt was so sweet and rich it could have easily been mistaken for ice cream.

Oh, here's why: over 20 grams of sugar per half-cup serving.

Two spoons up for this stuff, though I don't think you can swap it out for regular Greek yogurt at breakfast and still fit into your toga.

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Stupid. A strong brand like Ben and Jerry's should lead, not follow. This should have been done a year ago at least, or do something different. 'Hawaiian Treefalls' or 'Iguazu' for instance. It's meaningless, but it's the first in the market, not a copycat. Ben & Jerry's is on a corporate track now, and you'll get stuff like this instead of what made them great.

Brent Jatko
Brent Jatko

P.S. Yoplait now owns Liberte Dairy of Canada. Liberte had the best goat milk yogurt. American goat milk yogurt pales in comparison. 

Brent Jatko
Brent Jatko

Goofy flavors, spotty availability & difficult to find unless you weed it out from their ice cream. Ridiculously expensive, as well. We're buying an ice cream maker and doing it ourselves. We admire their message, but froyo really shouldn't cost 4 bucks a pint. 


Actually it's not the first to market, Stonyfield's Oikos brand has had frozen Greek yogurt for at least six months now.

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