Parking Spot at Anvil: SUCCESS

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When you live in a city like Houston where every day can be an unrelenting, traffic-ridden, humidity-drenched, strip mall-dominated head-pounder of a nightmare, you take solace in the small victories. Like the Success Kid meme here is doing.

Head over to our sister blog, Hair Balls, for more small successes and tiny victories, Houston-style.

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Jennifer Zapalac
Jennifer Zapalac

The good and forward thinking owners of Anvil have just purchased a very nice bike rack and will be installing it shortly. If you leave the gas powered death machine at home for the night and pedal your way over there, finding a parking place will be easy every time.


Right on. I've never been to Anvil except on my bike. I zip in, zip out, bypass all the Westhiemer traffic, and the best part is I don't have to leave in a taxi or be a DWI POS driving home. Driving is the worst possible way to get to a bar.

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