Top 5 Gifts for the Baker

2. Cooking Classes - If your loved one is new to the baking scene or just wants to pick up a few extra tips and tricks, a baking class makes the ideal gift. On January 14th, City Centre's Sur la Table is offering a 4-Hour Fearless Baking Workshop ($85), a class where students will master the basics of baking and creating treats like Chocolate Hazelnut Torte and Crème Brulee (told you that torch would come in handy). Special bonus: each student will receive a free autographed copy of The Fearless Baker, the cookbook by renowned chef Emily Luchetti for which the class is based. On January 17, Central Market will host a Baking with Citrus class ($55), teaching students how to make Meyer Lemon Shortcakes, Citrus Pound Cake, and more. Or try Cake Craft Shoppe in Sugar Land; they offer a wide variety of classes from private lessons to cake decorating.

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Photo by Sur la table
Say goodbye to your mom's sunken in birthday cakes.
1. Bakeware - Gone are the days of lopsided Betty Crocker cakes. There are new desserts in town and they're here to stay, from treats like Cake Pops($19.99) and Filled Mini Cupcakes ($29.99) to old-school favorites like Whoopie Pies ($12.95), Baked Doughnuts ($9.99), and Mini Bundt Cakes ($36). Of course, you can't make the desserts without the proper bakeware, so these new age baking pans are the hot ticket this holiday season.

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Have you tried that Cake Pop kit? At first I couldn't get over how ingenious it was and here I am, this morning even, rolling them with my hands. But then I realized I use icing (as do most people) to keep them together, and this just uses cake. So I wonder if that works?

Brooke Viggiano
Brooke Viggiano

I believe my nephew is getting it for my sister for xmas - I'll have to report back once she tries it!

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