Top 5 Gifts for the Baker

Photo by King Arthur Flour
It's that time of year again - when we get give gifts to the ones you love. But what do you get for the baker who has everything? Check out our list for the top 5 gifts for that special baker in your life. If you play your cards right, you may even get some free dessert out of it.

5. The Unique Gift - For something different this holiday season, try buying a Sourdough Starter Kit. This gift is the perfect solution for cooks who are tired of the same old cupcake decorating kits, baking sheets and measuring spoons. You can find tons of different starters online, but I like the Sourdough & Crock Set ($26.50) from King Arthur Flour. The kit comes with fresh sourdough starter, a 1 qt stoneware crock, instructions and recipes. Add on a Sourdough Cookbook, and I see a sourdough pancake thank-you breakfast in your near future.

Photo by Sur la table
Literally the hottest gift of the season.
4. Baking Gadgets & Tools - With so many awesome gadgets out there, I couldn't choose just one. I'm obsessed with a million - like this Linzer Cookie Cutter Set ($25)...or this Cake Batter Dispenser ($29.95)...or a Cupcake Corer ($5)...or these adorable Owl Measuring Cups ($19)...or this omg I'm totally geeking out Marvel Hero Cookie Cutter Set ($19.95). But still, my personal favorite, solely because deep down I'm a serious pyromaniac, has to be the Kitchen Torch ($40). Disclaimer: Make sure to take the gift recipient's maturity level into consideration when purchasing this. With that said, I in no way suggest that anyone gets me this gift.
Photo by Crate & Barrel
Guaranteed to make a baker happy.
3. Serveware - Walk into someone's kitchen/dining area and you'll immediately know if they suck at like to cook or not. Let your baker show off their talent with an adorable Homemade Cookie Jar ($24.95), to die for Footed Cake Stand ($56.95), or modern 3 Tiered Serving Platter ($27.99).

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Have you tried that Cake Pop kit? At first I couldn't get over how ingenious it was and here I am, this morning even, rolling them with my hands. But then I realized I use icing (as do most people) to keep them together, and this just uses cake. So I wonder if that works?

Brooke Viggiano
Brooke Viggiano

I believe my nephew is getting it for my sister for xmas - I'll have to report back once she tries it!

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