The Modular: Blowing Up Boundaries with Big Bones and Burgers

Joanne Witt
The Modular's Broiled Lobster with Risotto topped with butter-poached lobster claw meat
The Modular's menu generally has four to eight items on it at a time, and nicely bridges the gap between "bar food" and "chef food" by offering items ranging from whole lobster with risotto to chili cheese fries. It's great for "foodies" or for folks that just want something to nosh on with a beer.

On my most recent two visits, I tried the vaunted lobster and risotto. I am unaware of any restaurant where one can get such a dish for a mere $15, which is what it sold for at The Modular that night. The split, salted and broiled lobster was a treat, but what blew me away was the risotto. It was creamy and decadent, without being too rich, and was topped with two beautiful specimens of butter-poached lobster claw meat. I would have paid $15 just for the risotto.

The first time I tried the Modular Burger, I was underwhelmed. The burger was huge, but the meat lacked seasoning. Chef Bento has since tweaked the recipe, and the burger I had at a recent Liberty Station visit rivaled those at some of Houston's most famous burger joints.

Photo by Chuck Cook Photography
The Modular Burger hangs out with its neighbor Frito Pie
There is a saying attributed to the Dalai Lama: "Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively." The folks at The Modular know the rules and smash them into little pieces, all to provide their customers with outlandishly fun (and sometimes even luxurious) dining experiences. I cannot wait to taste the results of the rule they break next.

To catch up with them, check their Twitter feed or their new web site for the location schedule.

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I would like to know the bone marrow schedule, please.


The easiest way to keep up with The Modular's menu and locations right now is to check their Twitter feed  @themodular:twitter . They have a web site, but as of the last time I looked, were not yet posting menus. Per their Twitter feed from yesterday, they are making bone marrow "for sure" tonight! I hope you get a chance to try it.

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